REVIEW: Essence All About Sunrise

by - August 25, 2014

So the new Essence fall collection has hit Shopper's Drug Mart and I may have gone a little bit mad with power picking up some of the new products to try out. In case you haven't noticed, I really love a lot of the Essence products that I've tried. The price point is absolutely incredible for the quality of some of these products, which makes it really easy to justify trying out new things when they hit the shelves. As soon as I heard about these new palettes, I knew that I had to find them as soon as possible. They've been out overseas for a while now, since early this year I believe, and they've gotten pretty phenomenal reviews. These retail for $4.99 CAD, which is pretty damn reasonable for a small drugstore palette, I'd say.

The palette I want to talk about first is the All About Sunrise palette, so keep reading for a closer look....

From the Essence website:
all about… beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. the smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matt and metallic effects – for endless looks.
There is no description for this particular palette, but instead just one that encompasses the collection. This collection contains 4 different palettes - All About Sunrise, All About Nude, All About Candies, and All About Paradise. According to the website, overseas they've just released a fifth called All About Chocolates, and I'm sincerely hoping that they will bring that one here as well because it looks gorgeous!

My description of this palette would be that it is a collection of warm, golden tone neutral shades with a couple of brighter pops of warm, sunny colour thrown in. Though the website claims that there should be matte shades included in these palettes, I've yet to see one that's even close to matte. I would say that the finishes on all of the shades in this palette range from a satiny shimmer through to a straight up metallic.

You know we're gonna talk about the packaging first. These shadows are packaged in a pretty sturdy clear plastic that reminds me quite a bit of the blush packaging from this summer's Beach Cruisers trend edition. The closure on the packaging clicks into place firmly and I have no fears about it popping open if I toss this in my purse. Generally, this isn't my favorite type of packaging, but I like that I can clearly see the shadows and I like that it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. The pans seem to be a good size, with a generous amount of product, and the simplicity of the packaging allows for ease of use. Overall, I would give the packaging a solid Satisfactory.

This palette contains a good selection of shades that all definitely weave together, but are all unique in their own right. I feel like you could actually create a lot of different looks with these colours, more than one might think. The texture of these shadows is really amazing. They're smooth and buttery with really, really amazing pigmentation. They also sheer out really beautifully, so they could be worn in a soft wash or a much more punchy, full colour type look. I would say that the wear time on these shadows is pretty good, but it is definitely improved with a shadow. There is a little bit of fall out, which tends to happen with these more rich, buttery shades, but it isn't actually nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Overall, when it comes to quality, I am incredibly impressed with this palette and can't wait to play with it some more and see what I can create.

The shades in this picture are showing up really true to colour.

1 - A pale golden white champagne colour, I would say that this is a very reflective metallic finish. The pigmentation is absolutely amazing on this one, I was astounded.
2 - A warm, golden yellow shade with a metallic finish. This is the shade that I'm not sure I'll wear so much, even though I saw an absolutely gorgeous look using this shade on Youtube. I think I'll have to work up to this.
3 - I would say this shade is a very pale rose gold that can be really flattering on any skin tone or eye colour. This one, I'd say, is a very reflective shimmer finish. It's not a punchy in pigmentation as the first two, but it definitely has the same smooth, buttery texture.
4 - A kind of golden peach shade that I find quite unique, this shadow is definitely a little chunkier with shimmer but again very reflective and bordering on metallic. Even though it's a little chunkier, it smooths out beautiful and is very blendable.
5 - A shimmery, rosy shade that falls somewhere between a copper and bronze. This shade is probably my favorite out of this palette and will get the most use. It's a soft, shimmery, reflective finish that isn't too over the top, perfect for a wearable one shadow look.
6. The deepest shade in the palette is this warm, cocoa brown shade. It doesn't have the deepest pigmentation, but I feel like that's actually a virtue for this shade as it makes it really easy to use to deepen up looks without going too dramatic. It has a distinctly satin finish with just enough shimmer to give it a soft sheen. Beautitful.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with this palette, especially for the price point. Though I'm definitely curious about the Candies and Paradise palettes, I'm not so sure that pastels or brights would get a lot of use in my personal collection, but I've heard that the quality on them is just as good as this one. Check back later for my review of the All About Nudes palette.

Essence Cosmetics are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. I highly recommend checking them out!

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