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by - August 21, 2014

Oops, I'm a day late posting this. Apologies, but yesterday ended up being an impromptu day off spent traveling far and wide to pick up ingredients for cooking adventures followed by napping on the couch in the afternoon. And it was good. Oh yes, it was good. Anyway, I have to also admit that this particular Memebox didn't whip me into a frenzy of having to share its majesty with the masses. It's alright, I supposed, and I'm sure I'll end up trying everything in it and perhaps there will be love... but I was expecting better. Or more. Or excitement. Or something. It didn't quite get there. 

Still, let's take a look at what they sent me...

From the Memebox website:
Are you stuck in a beauty rut? Then, break up with your old cleansing routine and grab our Cleansing Kit because it reveals the secrets of the 6 step Korean skin cleansing system for flawless, porcelain skin!
STEP 1: Remove waterproof eye & lip makeup with a stronger cleansing oil/ cleansing tissue.
STEP 2: Remove base makeup with a cleansing lotion/ cleansing milk.
STEP 3: Double-cleanse your face with gentle cleansing foam/bubbles
STEP 4: Use a daily facial scrub or a peeling gel to softly peel away any flaky, dead skin.
STEP 5: Massage with a steam towel to open up your pores. Then, remove all excess blackheads, whiteheads, impurities, and makeup residues clogging up in your pores with a clay mask pack (or a blackhead nose patch for a shorter routine) Make sure to rinse off with cold water to tighten back your pores.
STEP 6: Finish with a soothing & moisturizing facial mask sheet to prevent skin irritation/ break-outs.

Your skin cleansing routine can be a hurried rush to scrape off the gunk, or it can be a fun and luxurious daily pampering session for a healthy, radiant glow from deep within!

It's up to you ;)
So... that was a long description. Upon re-reading, I realize that they actually did give me exactly what was listed there. Guess I can't complain, right? Well, I suppose I still can. NOW, keep in mind that I haven't actually tried any of these things yet and they might blow my mind. WE CAN'T KNOW FOR SURE. 

1. Secretkey Oil Free Lip & Eye Makeup Remover - 100ml Full Size - Value: $9
"Secretkey's Oil Free Lip & Ete Makeup Remover works to thoroughly remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup such as mascara, eyeshadow, and lip stain. Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, ethanol, and artificial colors, this formula is infused with papaya, strawberry, pumpkin, aloe vera, green tea and rosemary extracts, and is extremely gentle and nourishing for the skin."

This may well be perfectly lovely, that I will admit. I genuinely like the description, particularly all of the natural ingredients that this formula contains. However, I literally have 4 bottles of various makeup removers on my vanity and I always reach right past them to grab my Bioderma. Now, I will try this, absolutely, and maybe it will blow my mind. However, I think my biggest downer about this product is that I was sincerely expecting a cleansing oil to be included in this box and the fact that there isn't one is, by far, the biggest bummer of all. Still. Like I said, it might be awesome. We shall see.

2. Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam - 100ml Full Size -  Value: $15
"Specifical created to treat acne during the summer time, Tosowoong's Acne Cleansing Foam is actually a pharmaceutical product. It's also packed with aloe vera extracts, royal jelly extracts, propolis extracts, licorice extracts, mulberry root extracts which all work to soothe, moisturize, and facilitate skin regeneration. Remove all excess impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells with this moisturizing cleanser." 

So. I hate that almost every time there is a cleanser included in these boxes, it's one for acne. Granted, the one time there was a cleanser that wasn't for acne it happened to blow my mind and basically take HG status... but I've received a number of acne products in these boxes and I haven't dared to use any of them. See, the thing with acne products is that they tend not to be exactly gentle. The last time I used an acne product (a highly respected one that was said to be gentle) I felt like I had crocodile skin for about a week after, even after I stopped using it. Not cute. Not fun. And it makes me break out, so it kinda does the opposite of what I need it to. That being said, this one claims to be packed with good ingredients and to actually be moisturizing and nourishing... so I'll try it. I'll brace myself before I do, but I'll try it... Sometime.

3. D'RAN Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion - 150ml Full Size - Value $25
"This is a lotion-type cleanser for gently melting away all base makeup, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities from your face. The snail mucus extracts, fermented bean extracts, and centelle asiatica extracts consisted deliver abundant nutrition and offer soft, non-irritating application."

I'm a big snob, I admit, and the packaging of this lotion made me write it off at first. I kinda figured that it was just the cheapy product of the bunch and one that I wasn't really going to have much use for. I'm a double cleanser, generally. I start with a cleansing oil to remove my makeup and then I come in with a traditional cleanser to wash my face. This, as far as I can tell, is a middle step between those two things. Interesting. Now, I will admit that what actually won me over were the snail mucus and fermented bean extracts. Neither of those ingredients will be the kind of thing you ever find it Western skin care, but both are said to be very, very good for you. So I'm willing to try. I'm willing to give the benefit.

4. arrahan Peeling Gel - 180ml Full Size - Value: $17
"Peel away any and all dead skin cells from your face with arrahan's high-quality Peeling Gel made from nourishing oriental medicinal ingredients. It'll leave your skin silky soft and super moist!"

This is actually the only product in this box that I'm actually really looking forward to using, if only because I don't actually have anything like it - at least as far as I can tell. First of all... this bottle is freakin' huge. Generally the only tubes that I buy that are this big are body products, so that's a lot of product in there. Granted, on the back of the packaging, it does say that you can use this on other parts of your body where you're dealing with dry, dead skin cells. So, I guess that makes the size make sense. Anyway, I'm going to try this one out soon and see how it goes!

5. MAKEUP HELPER Special Pore Care 2 Step - 30g (6x5g) Full Size - Value: $20
"Every girl has those stressful days when her skin seems to resist having any makeup over it. This Special Pore Care 2 Step offers an easy 2 step - steam pack and lifting pack - for opening the pores and removing impurities clogged up, and tightening up enlarged pores again. Both packs are enriched with green tea extracts and honey extracts and are gentle and nourishing to the skin." 

If we're talking about the item that's the most interesting from this box, I'd say it's this kit. Basically, this box contains these 6 little tubes, 3 of them the Steam Pack and 3 the Lifting Pack, and they're meant to be used together. I like the idea that these are to combat those days when your skin is just not having makeup.... because I always find I have those days when I'm going out for the evening. I'm not sure what causes that, but that always seems to be the case. I have some events coming up in the next couple of weeks that I'd like to have my makeup perfected for, so if this works I feel like I'll put them to work those days (after a test run, of course, since I can't jack my skin up for picture taking occasions.) It's interesting, I'll definitely say that. And that's a compliment, because I like things that surprise me.

6. FERDERMA Egyptian Mask Pack - Full Size - Value: $2
"This finishing mask pack is enriched with rosmary extracts, which have long been prized as "ocean's dew" by Ancient Egyptian women and used for aroma and anti-wrinkle care in their beauty regime. The EGF components of the mask also works to firm up sagging skin and improve texture overall."

So... When I first started ordering Memeboxes, I was so excited to always end up with a sheet mask included for free in my order because I love masks... but then my collection started growing and growing and I just never end up using them. It has to change, it really does, but for the moment my excitement about receiving another sheet mask just can't be mustered... Maybe if I was happier with the box overall, I would be more excited about the mask. But alas. Still, I'm sure I'll use it at some point in the future. I think I need to start having girl's nights.... 

Total Value: $88

So there you have it... This will be my last Memebox for about a month, which is probably a good thing since I should probably try to use some of this stuff before I get more Memeproducts. I think it's clear that this really wasn't the note I wanted to end on, but what can you do. I'm sure that there's definite value to some of these products and I will like at least a couple of them once I stop being so disappointed. 

Until next time!

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