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by - August 19, 2014

August seems to be the month of the Memebox on this here blog and I'm kind of bummed out that I won't have anymore coming to me for a while now. However, maybe it's a good thing that I take a break and actually try to use up some of the huge number of items I've received in August. Right? RIGHT? Ahem. Today I have Superbox #41 for you, the My Cute Wishlist box. Admittedly, I ordered this the same way I ordered the 10 Minute Box - Not really knowing what I was going to get but getting killed by curiosity and unable to help myself. I'm happy to report that this one is pretty damn adorable - and much less confusing than the 10 Minute Box was.

Keep reading for a closer, more adorable look at the contents of this box...

From the Memebox website: 
We’ve searched and scoured through the Korean beauty scene to find you all the beauty things adorbs and irresistibly cute! From miniature beauty trinkets to cute face makeup kits and skin care potions, these precious little beauty finds will make you “oooh” because of its trademark Korean charming packaging and “aaahh” because of how cute it makes you look. Carry around these beauty treasures wherever you go and make your friends green with jealousy!
Sounds pretty interesting, right? Honestly, I'm a grown ass woman and I still find the super aegyo stuff to be pretty adorable. I know, I know. But still. Tiny cute penguins and fuzzy creatures? I'll take it. I can be a bad ass later.  Right now, let's meander through cuteness. 

1. a;t fox Whitening Capsule Cream Jasoyup Herb Tea - 10ml Deluxe Sample - Value: $6
"What makes this cream special is that it combines the deep hydration of a moisturizing cream and the brightening effect of a whitening essence. The whitening capsules inside the gel cream removes uneven, dark spots on your skin and helps create clearer and naturally glowing skintone."

2. a;t fox Moisturizing Gel Cream Gyloopy Tea - 10ml Deluxe Sample - Value: $6
"High concentrates of Vitamin-C from the Gyloopy Tea deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving a refreshing, lasting glow on your skin. Also, being a gel-type cream, it spreads and penetrates the skin smoothly and without curdling, and at the same time creates a thin moisture layer over your skin to prevent dehydration."

3. a;t fox Lifting Cream Black Tea - 10ml Deluxe Sample - Value: $6
"If you've been stressing over sagging bags under your eyes or starting to notice little wrinkles and creases here and there, a;t fox's Lifting Cream Black Tea is just what you're looking for! With it's softly melting texture and black tea extracts, this lifting cream will guarantee you healthy, younger-looking complexion with high resilience and firmness."

Okay, first off... The way these are priced on the card is somewhat confusing. It says that this is 10ml and that full size is 10ml... but all three of these sell on the Memeshop at 50ml for $17, $14, and $22 respectively. Now, I wouldn't actually be surprised if these sample sizes are also sold on their own and that they sell for $6 each, but this is definitely a little confusing and gives me a slight side eye considering my questions about their pricing recently. That said, I'm actually really happy with these. First of all... How cute are they? I mean, really... Tiny little cupcakes for my vanity. But above and beyond that, I'm looking forward to trying them out as well, particularly the lifting cream since my eyes are not nearly as youthful as they once were. I'm definitely not mad at these.

4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl Pack in Charcoal - Single Use Full Size - Value $1
"A wash off type mud pack made from naturally derived ingredients such as clay, mud, and charcoal. It works to soothe, purify, and moisturize the skin, preventing possible dehydration and surface roughening."

First of all... Definitely not fudging the price on this one, are you, Memebox? Second of all. GIVE ME ALL THE MASKS. I mean, really. I'll take this $1 single use mud mask and I'll be excited about it and look forward to using it. For me, it's not about the monetary value of the product so much as it is about it being a product I can and will want to use and a mud pack is usually a good bet on that front. Also, if we're going to talk about cuteness... This little heart shaped puck of mask is actually pretty adorable. I will definitely give it that.

5. Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pad Hibiscus & Lemongrass - 2 x 17ml Full Size - Value $4
"Pure Smile's Neco Punch Point Pad is enriched with Vitamin @, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, hibiscus and lemon grass extracts, and works to mositurize and control excess sebum and secretions to maintain a healthy balance to your skin."

So... at first I was confused because I thought this were little pucks with paw prints on them and I had no idea how they were supposed to be used. What the directions say is that after cleansing you're supposed to put the pads on places on your face and body that need "concentrated care", so I figured you could only deal with two places. But I am dumb, clearly. These are thin little pads (think Almay makeup remover pads) in a stack, so I feel like they will actually get a decent amount of use... as long as they don't dry up in five seconds. Still, kind of a cool concept. And I'm a dog lover, so BRING ON THE PUPPY PAWS.

6. Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick - 2g Full Size - Value $5
"Enriched with bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, the Sweet Recipe Candy stick is a gloss type lip tint that moisturizes and plumps up your dry, chapped lips for a long lasting radiance."

So. It's orange, which made me growl when I opened the box. The packaging is a true orange candy cane, the product looks bright orange in the tube and it smells like oranges (which I love), so I was pretty sure this was going to go into the Orange Lip Products From Memebox that are eventually going to go in the trash pile. But. BUT! It actually applies a really pretty coral colour that somehow actually really compliments my skintone. I am downright shocked, I'll admit. I wonder if I can get away with wearing coral in the winter when carrying around a lip balm shaped like a candy cane makes a little more sense? I don't know, but this is cute and I love, love, love the scent.

7. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream - 30ml Full Size - Value $5
"Enriched with organic olive oil and shea butter, Etude's adorable Missing U Hand Cream comes in four different scents - fiona, green tea, baby powder, amd peach. Also, it contains no parabens, ethanol, or artificial coloring, and is extremely gentle and nourishing to skin."

So. It's the most adorable penguin packaging ever, right? I mean, when it comes to the brief of this being a cuteness box, this is probably the product that undoubtedly knocks it straight out of the park. I want to - again, even though I'm a grown ass woman - put this little penguin cutie on my desk next to the other 3, count em 3, hand creams that live there and get frequent use. One problem. Does anyone else who was born in the 80s feel like the smell of baby powder scented cosmetics of any kind are pretty much a time machine? I seriously smelled this stuff and I was transported back to my friend Laura's bedroom, talking about New Kids and raving about Exclamation EDT. Yeah. Strong, strong early 90s baby powder scent right here. But... No parabens! Tiny penguin! I'm so torn...

8. Kocostar Split End Therapy - Single Use Full Size - Value $6
"Kocostar's sensational split end therapy contains 8 types of amino acid complex, which works to pretent hair breakages and static electricity. It's specifically formulated to instantly repair split ends and protect hair from any future damages. And interesting fact about this hair therapy is that you don't have to wash it off after application." 

So apparently you do this in a ponytail... I'm not exactly sure how it works and I don't want to open the package yet to look, but the impression that I'm getting is that this is kind of like a sheet mask for your hair. And it has a super cute polka dotted ponytail holder. Have I ever mentioned that I have a rather strong affection for all things Minnie Mouse? I do. And this reminds me of Minnie Mouse, so I'm biased. However, the product... Okay, we all know that nothing actually repairs split ends, but rather just binds them and improves the appearance. I'm fine with that. I'm actually probably going to save this for winter, since it made the claim about static electricity in the hair and I live on the prairies. It's staticky as hell up in here. So we'll see!

9. Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2 - Full Size - Value $54
"Beauty People's popular eye liner special edition #2 containing only the hottest F/W color combinations! Mix and match 5 different eye colors for adding more depth and vibrancy to your eyes. These cream-type eye liners boost minute sized glitter pearls, waterproof formula and long lasting finish."

First off... I'm pretty sure that should be "boast minature sized glitter pearls" but we forgive, we forgive. Even grammar psychos like myself have to forgive. Anyway. This is clearly the piece de resistance in this box and it's a damn good one. I've seen the Season 1 version of this (I believe) in previous boxes and was always curious about... let's face it, why it's worth $54. Let me tell you... I swatched all of these on the back of my hand and they won't budge. I feel like I could rub them with steel wool and they would only budge when it literally scraped my skin off. (You're welcome for that. I live to serve.) Anyway, the quality on these is really incredible. They're creamy and smooth while being highly pigmented and opaque and, like I said, they set to absolute budge proof and I had to take the swatches off with eye makeup remover. Also, Snow White looks like she'll cut a bitch... and that's really how I like my fairy tale princesses at the end of the day.

Price of Box: $23
Total Box Value: $93

Again, not the highest value box ever, but I'm certainly not complaining. I really did have no idea what I was going to get and, while not everything is a run away winner, I'm pretty happy with the products I received in this box. I'm curious to click around the internet when the sequel box ships and see what they included in that one. 
Check back tomorrow for another Memebox unboxing - my last for a while - and keep happy til then!


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