FRIDAY FOREVER FAVORITES #1 - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

by - October 03, 2014

I was thinking about it, the content that I put on here, and realized that I'm always so excited to write about the things that are brand spankin' or that I've just discovered but I rarely dip into my stupidly sizable makeup collection to talk about those long loved workhorse products that I love so much. So I decided to change that. Every Friday, I'm going to try and write about a product that isn't new or fancy or maybe even the least bit exciting, but that I always go back to no matter how many shiny, possible replacements the makeup industry offers me. So without further adieu, I give you my first Friday Forever Favorite....

When I was making a list of the products that I could possibly use for these posts, the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder was the clear winner for me. I have multiples of this product - one on my vanity, one in my desk at the office, and one that travels around with me in my purse. I've hit pan on several times on these and I always repurchase. I do try other powders, because the makeup junkie in me always has those nagging thoughts that there might be something better out there, and a few have gotten close and sometimes even tricked me into thinking they might be better, but then I use this one again and it's just everything I want it to be.

I will say that I have one complaint about this product and I feel like this is most people's complaint: The Packaging. While this works fine if you're going to be leaving your powder on the vanity, who always leaves their pressed powder on the vanity? The lid comes off. Easily. Way too easily. It's pretty clear that this wasn't designed to be a convenient compact for tossing in your purse, but that's exactly what I want it to be because this is my favorite product for those late in the day touchups when I'm feeling a little bit shiny and gross. I'm still crossing my fingers that they're going to repackage these someday soon and I'm going to get a sleek this company to toss in my bag... but I'll still keep buying it either way.

Now that we have the downside out of the way, let's talk about the upsides. For me, my biggest skin issue is uneven texture. I have enlarged pores and some small bumps and scars on my face that are probably my biggest insecurity, and I find that most foundations or bases will inevitably end up settling at least a little bit into those places of uneven texture and really highlighting them. A little dust of this over the skin is like an airbrush for me. Everything gets blurred and my skin looks perfected and smooth again. I've never found this powder too heavy or cakey, it's always just enough to give my skin a little oomph and make me feel just that bit more confident. Also, when I'm trying out less than stellar face makeup, this is a savior towards the end of the day when I start to look like a hot mess. 

With a price tag that usually falls right around $5, this is not only a really solid product but it's just insanely affordable - which makes all of the ones I have hanging out in every conceivable place that I could need one completely acceptable. Right????? In case it wasn't clear, I highly recommend this product.

For reference, I am NW20 and I wear 003 Natural.

Check back next week for another installment of Friday Forever Favorites and have a great weekend!


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