UNBOXING: Memebox Christmas Edition #2

by - December 19, 2014

Doesn't that header photo look so festive because of those two nail polishes? I gotta admit, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this box even as I ordered it because glam isn't really my typical style, but I couldn't help myself. I had just been so long without Memeboxes and I'm so up to my nose in Christmas excitement that the value set had to be mine. I do have to say that this box is a little bit hit and miss for me, with one big WTF all up in there, but overall I think it's a pretty damn well curated box other than the WTF. You'll see that later. I might save it for last just to end with a bang. 

Anyway, if you want to take a look at the contents of the My Holiday Glam Memebox, keep reading.

From the Memebox website:
Tis the season for gorgeous! Sparkle just as brightly as the holiday lights with festive K-Beauty glitz and glam! Whether you prefer subtle shine or want to rock full-blown fab, there’s a gorgeous holiday party look waiting for you in this box! With this festive K-Beauty holiday makeup essentials box, you’ll be able to step outside the traditional party look and pull together a perfect party look. Don’t miss out on this coolest, most luxurious collection – perfect to give, love, or hoard for yourself!

 1. Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot in #6 Burgundy - Full Size - Value $29
"Glam up your eyes with multi-angle jewel glitters that contain real diamond and amethyst powders for extra radiant, sparkling holiday season! Fool proof pearly eye pigments last all day and all night! Channel your inner Beauty Queen in no time!"

Real diamond and amethyst powders? It probably says something about me as a person that my instinct is to wonder if the diamond powder would tear apart my cornea if I got it in my eye, doesn't it? Either way, this is so gorgeous. I wouldn't necessarily have called this shade Burgundy though, as it's more of a golden burnt red, but that's really neither here nor there. This product is very similar to the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in that it's a pressed pigment type product, but these is much more glittery than any of the Infallible shadows that I own. It's glitter to the moon, and really perfect for this time of year when it actually seems appropriate for grown ups to wear that amount of glitter. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be worked into my NYE look this year.

Deoproce White Flower BB Cream in No. 23 Sand Beige - Full Size - Value $12
"Enriched with a blend of lotus, lily, and peony extracts, Deoproce's White Flower BB Cream combines the moisturizing and protective powders of a skincare product with the complexion-perfecting and tone-balancing properties of a foundation. Its featherweight texture smoothly coats over skin with long lasting adherence, leaving the skin velvety soft and glowing with youthful radiance."

I wanna write copy for these kinds of products. I swear, I think I would kill it in marketing. Ladies and... probably other ladies, this baby is DARK. This is by far the darkest Korean BB cream I've ever seen. Now, when I say dark... I mean that in context of the general pastiness of Korean BB cream options rather than, say, the general pigment range of the human race. Let's face it, Korean BB cream is not known for coming in a wide selection of shades for a variety of different skin tones. In fact, I feel like this might be the only one I've had my hands on that would actually be suitable for medium skintone. And for that reason, it feels dark. And I suspect it will be too dark for me, who loved Korean BB creams because she's pale like... a pale person. I'm going to try this because I hope that it'll have some skintone matching technology in it... Or else I might give it to my mom, who is naturally a bit darker than me. It smells like clean old people... and I'm not sure how I feel about that. We'll see!

Vivito Painting Jelly Tiny in RD02 Squeeze Cherry - Full Size - Value $29
"A moisturizing jelly-type tiny with a water gel formula enriched with pomegranate, mulberry, fig, and Vitamin E. It smoothly melts onto dry, colorless lips for instant hydration, rejuvenation, and long-lasting color radiance."

First off... I tried to scope this out online to see about the pricing and I couldn't actually find this. I did, however, find this brand and the value of $29 doesn't actually feel outside the realm of possibility on this one. So we'll go with that. I have so many red tints that I never use. I mean it, really. It's kinda ridiculous. So I can't say I'm over the moon to have another one in my collection to sit there and never be used, but this one is pretty alright. The texture is a lot different than a lot of the ones that I've used. It's kind of thick and definitely a jelly texture, which ends up a little bit sticky if I'm being honest. It doesn't pack a lot of punch tint wise, but gives more of a subtle, bitten kind of look to the lips. It's fine. I accept this.

Dearberry Rockcat Girl Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Purple - Full Size - Value $5
"Dearberry Rockcat Girl Eyeliner provides budge resistant radiance in sophisticated deep purple with an easy-glide, creamy texture. Definitely a must have for a refined, chic holiday makeup fit for any and all occasions!"

What a weird way to describe an eyeliner. I had to pause in writing this and go read a story about female hikers over on Jezebel because my sick (literally cold addled) brain couldn't wrap around that. Anyway. Purple pigments suck. It's really hard to find a good, pigmented purple eyeliner that doesn't read grey with hints of purple. Ever notice that? This one is very much along that line in that it reads more charcoal with a purple sheen and multicolored shimmers in it. That all being said, I don't actually mind it and I think it could make a nice liner look if you're not looking for a really punchy purple I think you might like this. My favorite part of it is definitely the fuscia microglitters in it, they make it a little more special than your typical purple-not-actually-purple eyeliners. And once the swatch set, it was a bitch to get off.

Eclipse Nailwear Enamel in Poppy Red & Fresh Green - Full Size - Value $7 each
"Go festive with Eclipse's holiday red and green nail colors - vibrant and long-lasting in radiance and easy to apply and quick to dry in formula!"

I'm not really surprised... but then I kind of am because sending true Christmas red and green nail colours is ballsy, Memebox. Ballsy. Two years ago I actually did red and green glitter nails for Christmas and I thought it was cute, so maybe it's time to bring that back this year. These actually have something of a jelly like texture, which makes me wonder if I could make a jelly sandwich work, but the fact that I can get this completely opaque in two coats doesn't make that look good. Even still, these apply really evenly and do dry fairly quickly to a smooth, shiny finish that I really quite like. The green is full stop Christmas, so I don't think that I'll wear it any time of year other than this one, but the red is a very true, classic red that makes me think of a pinup and I think I'll get some real use out of it. Ballsy, Memebox, but it worked.


Cool Enough Studio The Mirror - Full Size - Value $15
"Still bringing around a big fat mirror? Cool Enough Studio presents 'The Mirror' - the thinnest, most stylishly designed mirror for ladies to carry around with them to glamorous holiday and year end parties in their pretty purses."

Um. So this is a mirror. It comes in a velvet pouch. And it is rectangular in a 3D fashion. And it has mirrors on all 6 sides. And it's really inconvenient because you can basically only see one tiny sliver of your face at any given time. And on the small sides, you have to close one eye to be able to see anything clearly. Now, I'm not knocking this. It's very pretty and I'm sure that one could possibly look quite posh when pulling this out of their bag at some kind of party... but I don't think that I could ever be that kind of posh. I will say, though, that they did use really good quality mirrors. The sliver of your face that you can see when using it is very clear and unwarped. Is it just my muddled brain that's struggling with this or is it actually a really weird thing to get in a Memebox? Help me out here!

Another one bites the dust and this will be the last one for a bit because I can't justify buying myself all the Memeboxes when I have to buy my loved ones all of the gifts. But I got these ones in under the wire and I'm glad I did. Give me all the Memeboxes!

Memebox is a mystery box service out of South Korea that provides curated boxes filled with various Korean beauty goodies. They currently have several boxes available for purchase and will hopefully be releasing more new boxes soon! Fingers crossed!

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