UNBOXING: Ipsy February 2015

by - February 16, 2015

Anyone who read my Ipsy Spoilers post will know that those spoilers convinced me that I was going to be really happy with this bag and that I wasn't planning to cancel Ipsy anymore. Not gonna lie, even though this is a really  high value bag with mostly full sized makeup products in it... I'm kinda really disappointed over all. It isn't that the products are bad quality, they really aren't, and these products might be perfect for someone other than me... but I am not really excited. Might be time to call it a day on Ipsy after all... End of an era?

Keep reading to take a look at what I got as well as first impressions...

1. Demeter Fragrance Library Roll On Perfume Oil in First Love - 8.8ml - Value $10

I had such high hopes for this because there are so many Demeter Fragrances that I absolutely love, particularly the ones that I've gotten in previous Ipsy bags, but this one is just not right for me at all. Since the description listed lemon first, I was expecting to find this to have more balance of citrus with the floral, but this is a straight up floral fragrance top to bottom. I'm not a floral scent person in the least, so if I'm going to wear a floral it needs to have something accompanying it that gives it a little more depth. It's not that this isn't pretty, I'm sure there are a lot of people who will love this scent, but it's absolutely not for me and will never touch my skin. Sigh.

2. Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Anguilla - 4.5ml - Value $16

Raise your hand if you like lip products that make you look dead! Yeah, me neither. In the tube, this looks absolutely gorgeous, it smells positively delicious, and it is actually a nice texture and feel on the lips. Unfortunately, all of those pluses are contained in the palest pink lip gloss I've ever put on my lips. It is literally the colour of newborn baby girl clothes, nearly white. Worn opaque, I look like an insane person, and worn sheered out I simply look like I'm well on my way to being frozen to death. I suppose this could perhaps be a decent topper for a really opaque nude lipstick, but on it's own it's seriously terrible. I can't think of anyone that this would flatter, not even the whitest of blondes. The disappointment, considering my true love of Cargo Cosmetics... IT BURNS.

3. GLAMGLOW BRIGHTMUD Eye Treatment - 2g - Value $12.60

Overall, the reviews I've read of this product have been pretty mixed... but I'm still super excited to give it a try. Apparently, one pod contains enough product for both eyes, so this will give me four uses in total. Not bad, right? Without having tried it, this is literally the only product in this bag that I don't have anything bad to say about. I'm genuinely excited to have received this and will likely put it to use within the next 24 hours.

4. Rob Schepp for 'Tini Beauty Powder Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz - 1.6g - Value $12

I mentioned this in my spoilers post and I have to say it again... Shimmery champagne eyeshadow singles are becoming the new black eyeliner pencils of subscription boxes - particularly Ipsy. I'm tempted to go back through my Ipsy unboxings for the past year and actually count how many I've gotten. I don't have to count to tell you with utmost certainty, however, that it is too many. This eyeshadow is fine, don't get me wrong. It's nicely pigmented and smooth and I'm sure that I can slip it into rotation... but I have so many of these in my collection by now that I hardly see any reason to need more. It especially smarts because there was a frosted plum shade from another company that I would have absolutely loved to try. Poor, poor form, Ipsy!

5. ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in 02 Peach Bellini - 3.6g - Value $22.00

Again, don't get me wrong... This is a pretty blush, but it is much more orange than it is peach and I feel like this is not a shade for fair skin. There was apparently another shade of this blush available in a more pink tone and I feel like it would have been prudent to send that shade to those of us who have "FAIR" marked as our skintone. Maybe that's just me? I don't know. I haven't tried it on my face and... honestly, even if it does manage to look somewhat pretty in a swatch, I don't think I'll get much use out of it even when I have a bit more of a tan. Because. Orange. Also, really freakin' shimmery. I think that this could be an absolutely stunning shade on olive to deep skintones, but... not for me. Sigh.

Total Paid: $10 (Plus $5 shipping)
Total Value: $72.60

So... Yeah... I was really excited to get this month's bag, which I think is why the disappointment is so overwhelming. I had high hopes that Ipsy was going to impress me again, but they just didn't. I feel like the shades included really don't go together at all, which isn't a necessity but would certainly make the bag a little more cohesive, and I feel like that makes more sense. Even though it is a high value bag there are at least 2 products that I will literally not use at all, 2 that I will use sparingly at best, and one that is a sample. Yeah. I think this might be the straw, because the camel's back is feeling like it's about to break. 

Double sigh. Not even going to include my referral link....

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