EVENT: Rockport New Concept Store Launch

by - April 07, 2015

I was recently invited to attend the launch of a new store here in Winnipeg. Rockport opened a new concept store at Polo Park here in Winnipeg and I was very excited to check it out. My interest in Rockport, which is a well known company that has been around since the 1971, was piqued a couple of years ago when they featured my absolute all time favorite model - Erin Wasson - in some campaigns. I've been interested in trying out their shoes ever since. Rockport is a really interesting brand, as they combine fashion with innovation and technology - something that I really got to see the scope of at this launch.

This is Rockport's second new concept store to launch in Canada. The retail concept of the store is "The American Loft" and it comes across very well in the clean, modern lines of the store and the beautiful presentation of the merchandise as well as photographs and graphics that represent the company and the theme. I love that the design of the store mimics the design of the shoes, with a balance between something modern and something classic.

The left side of the store is marked with a pink background and features all of the women's shoes. There are three distinct themes to the shoes: Dress, Dress Casual, and Casual. Hits all the bases, right? The coolest thing, for me, about every single pair of shoes I looked at and tried on is that they are so incredibly comfortable. Rockport employs athletic shoe technology, which makes the shoes comfortable enough to wear all day without doing a number on your feet. Pretty sweet deal, right?

The right side of the store, the men's side, had me dying to drag my boyfriend back there to pick out a great pair of shoes for him. There were great innovations on both sides of the store, but one of the things that struck me most is that there are men's dress shoes made of washable leather. Let that marinate, friends. The design of these shoes, from both an esthetic and an innovative perspective, are just top notch. 

The next time I'm in the market for sneakers, I'm heading directly to Rockport. I tried on the Walk360 Washable Lace Up (on the right) and I can't even describe how comfortable these shoes were. They were like walking on a cloud. The outer is an elastic, breathable mesh that forms to your foot without even a little bit of pinching, they seem to weigh less than my flimsiest flip flops, and I would have happily danced a jig around the store in them if no one had been watching. They are also machine washable... which is a huge selling feature for me as well. Honestly, the only reason that I didn't buy these babies is because the size I tried on was a little bit too long and they were out of stock of the next size down. But these will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine

One thing I was surprised by was the fact that Rockport also makes accessories. This bag featured here blew my mind and is also on my wishlist for the future. I'm not good at describing handbags, but I'll try... It was a sturdy, midsized tote with a really nice architectural design and a gorgeous lining. How's that? It's beautiful and it's the kind of bag I would be absolutely thrilled to carry around.

So what did come home with me? These Total Motion Pointed Toe Pumps. You guys. YOU GUYS. These are the most comfortable pumps I've ever worn, seriously. Ever seen a pump that is designed with athletic shoe technology? I hadn't either. I have terrible feet, I have to tell you, and I mostly choose stylish flats over heels to save my feet the agony of high heel defeat, but I will be wearing these babies out this summer. They have cushion at the ball of the foot and at the heel, which offers shock absorption with every step, they have arch support, and they move with your foot in a way that makes every step comfortable. I know, I sound like a sales pitch, but you just have to try these to know what I mean. Gorgeous! Comfortable! Why isn't it warmer outside????

If you haven't yet, check out the Rockport new concept store in Polo Park if you're in Winnipeg. If you're not in Winnipeg, you can find a list of their retail locations on their website. Seriously, you guys, these shoes are very much worth putting on your feet!

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