REVIEW: itCosmetics Vitality Face Disc & Jumbo Powder Brush

by - April 30, 2015

I've been dying to try it Cosmetics for a while now, but in Canada it can be really hard to find. In fact, I'm pretty sure that you have no choice but to order online or TheShoppingChannel in order to get your hands on the goodies that so many of us see all over the internet from our American neighbors. Recently, TheShoppingChannel was offering a $50 off coupon code for new customers and I took advantage of it and finally got my hands on one of the items from it Cosmetics that I had been lusting over. Well, technically two items, I suppose! I've been trying them out almost every day for the past week or so and I am definitely ready to give my opinion!

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This product is said to be brightening, anti-aging, and last all day - not bad claims, I'd say. The thing is... I was more drawn to the ease of having all of my face colour products in one pretty, slim compact. When I ordered, my hope was that all of these shades would work for my skintone and that this could become a staple for me.

Let's talk first about the packaging.... because that's what I do! This palette comes packaged in a fairly round disc that is quite slim. It snaps firmly closed, leaving no fear for me about tossing it my bag on the go or for travel. Inside, there is a large mirror in the lid and the three products divided into very generous pans. The largest pan is the bronzer, with the two smaller pans containing a blush and a highlight. Each product has the it Cosmetics logo embossed into it, which I think is a very nice touch.

Overall, I think this was curated very beautifully. The highlight is a very pretty - and quite universal - champagne shade with a hint of a golden glow to it. The blush is a rosy pink shade that also has a slight golden glow to it, but doesn't seem to contain any chunky shimmer. The bronzer is a mid-toned and buildable, which makes it work quite well on my light skintone but I think would also work really well on medium skintones. I think the bronzer is probably too light for skintones deeper than medium, but the blush and highlight are very universal in tone and shade and would probably look really beautiful on a wide range of skin tones.

If I had one bad thing to say about this palette, it would be that I think the bronzer is pressed a little too hard into the pan. It can be a little difficult to really get product onto the brush, but I actually find that isn't necessarily a bad thing because it means I won't accidentally apply too much product to my face and end up looking muddy.

This brush, you guys. First off, to buy this brush on its own retails for $58, so I was expecting it to be amazing. Second... It was amazing. This brush is huge and insanely soft, which generally just makes me want to rub it all over my face with no product on it just for the velvety feel of it. Anyone else do that? Also, it has a long handle with that same rubberized feel as the outer packaging of the face disc, which gives it a good hand feel.

My preferred way to use this brush is at the end of my makeup routine to really blend all of my face products together and sweep away any excess powderiness. I also think this is basically a perfect brush for applying all over bronzer or powder to the face as well as bronzing or highlighting on the body. This brush has definitely inspired me to look into getting my hands on some more it Cosmetics brushes, just because it feels so high quality, well made, and soft.

Overall, I have to say that my first foray into it Cosmetics has been a very impressive one and I look forward to trying out some more products from the line in the near future.

Have you tried it Cosmetics? What's your favorite product from their line?

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