MONTHLY MASCARA: Essence Lash Princess

by - May 01, 2015

So this whole Monthly Mascara plan didn't work out so well... But I'm determined not to give up on it, even if it only ends up being every couple of months. The problem is that I, like so many other makeup junkies, find something that I really like and it pains me to try something new... until there's something really shiny placed in front of me. Anyone else like this?

Anyway, Essence recently released a new mascara and I saw a lot of promotion of it and really wanted to try it out. Monthly Mascara is a good excuse, right? Anyway, I've been using this most of this month and I'm definitely ready to give my thoughts!

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Can we talk about this packaging for a second? Cuteness to the max. I feel like this really reminds me of Asian style packaging, with a lot of adorable girliness to go around. The pink embossing on the lid has a rubbery feel to it, which I actually think makes it really comfortable and gives you some control when you're applying it - so it's not just really cute, it's functional.

Now, obviously, the more important thing to talk about is the formula. I tend to use this over a coat of my L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof, which is what I use pretty much every day so that my curl holds and I have a little more length and separation to start with. I just thought I'd put that out there. For me, the thing I like most about this formula is that it's really, really black. That's not actually a thing that I actively look for in a mascara, so when it jumps out at me I know it's got the blackness on lock. This is supposed to give a lot of volume and I'd have to say that I think it pulls it off. This mascara pairing gives me really full, long, black lashes... and what more could you ask for.

The wand is an interesting shape, I have to say. It's a traditional bristle style brush and is described as being cobra shaped and I'd say that's pretty accurate. The shape is intended to give control and more easily coat every lash. Honestly, I'm not sure this brush is anything other than a novelty for me. I don't find it difficult to use, but I don't think it makes it any easier or more effective. Overall, I'm just pretty neutral on the brush.

My only complaint is that if you're not careful, this can get a little clumpy. I like to work fairly quickly with this product and use a clean disposable mascara wand between coats to keep my lashes separated and deal with any clumps. Even still, I wouldn't recommend more than 2 coats of this unless you want to end up with some clumpy spider lashes. Also, like with all mascaras for me, I recommend a quick comb through between coats to keep everything separated.

My overall thoughts on this mascara are pretty good, I'd say. I like the effect it gives my lashes, I haven't experienced any flaking or smudging with this product, and it's really, really affordable. If you're in the market for a new drugstore mascara, this one might be worth a look!

Thanks for reading and check back next week for more Monthly Roundup Features!

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