UNBOXING: Ipsy April 2015

by - April 17, 2015

Apparently this is the time of the Unboxings here on Prairie Beauty. Can't say I mind, since these are some of my favorite posts to write - even when I'm disappointed by the contents and I need to rant. Luckily, so far this month I haven't felt any urge to rant about the products that I've  been receiving in my subscription boxes. Companies are kinda killing it this month.

This month's Ipsy theme is Beautifully Bohemian, which is definitely a theme I love. As soon as I saw the Behind The Scenes video from the photoshoot, I was excited to see what I was going to get. There really are some great inclusions in this month's bag and a few things I probably would have liked to have received, but overall I'm really happy with my bag.

Without further adieu....

JulieG Nail Color in Damsel - Full Size - Value $3.99
This is a really classic pink colour that I think is pretty universal. For those of us (myself included) who don't tend to like shades like this on our fingernails, this is really a perfect shade for summer toes. This kind of pink really hits with a tan, so I'm looking forward to getting rid of my winter pastiness and getting this onto my toes. I tried it out on a finger and it's very opaque and levels really nicely. 

theBalm Nude Dude Single Eyeshadow in Fit - Value $3.00
I really like the consistency of theBalm eyeshadows and since this is a great every day type of a shade I think this is going to get a fair bit of use in my collection. Also, this packaging is both adorable (love theBalm graphics!) and surprisingly sturdy. Very happy with this sample.

Gallany Cosmetics Lipstick in Petal - Value (approx.) $7.25
This is my favorite product in this month's bag for a few reasons. 1. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, with a metallic tube and simple red branding it's perfect to toss in my purse. 2. The shade is perfection. It's a gorgeous mauve berry shade that is incredibly wearable. 3. It applies beautifully and feels really lovely on the lips. Could you ask for more? This might be my favorite lip product I've ever received from Ipsy.

MICABeauty Eye Primer - Value $22.50
So apparently some people had complaints about this because there were some marks in the product or something. I can't speak to that because mine was in perfect condition when I received it. Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but it feels very dry and looks very much like a concealer, so we'll see how it holds up on the eyes!

Mullein & Sparrow Lip & Cheek Tint - Value $5.50
I definitely did not save the best for last. This was definitely the biggest disappointment in the bag to me. I suppose it would work fine as a really slippery lip balm, but as a tint for either the lips or cheeks there's just not enough pigment to get anything done. Also, you would literally never find me putting this on my cheeks because it's slimy looking and feeling, it wouldn't set, and I suspect it wouldn't be so nice to my pores. Pretty packaging and had potential, but this is a fail.

Overall, I really loved this bag. Yes, there was one fail product for me, but the rest are all things that I'll definitely be happy to use - and they all seem like they'll perform the way that I want them to. I don't love the actual bag this month, the woven rafia look really isn't my thing, but I rarely use those bags anymore anyway. 

I'm sticking with Ipsy another month! Stay tuned next month for whether that will continue!

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