REVIEW: Mixiu Charm Limited Lipstick from BornPrettyStore*

by - April 20, 2015

I was recently contacted by BornPrettyStore and asked if I'd like to choose a couple of products to review here on the blog. BornPrettyStore has been on my radar for a while, ever since a couple of years ago when I was dabbling in an obsession in nail art. I say dabbling because I never actually got good at it, but I really wanted to. Anyway, they carry a wide selection of different things, from anything you could possibly need for nail art, to makeup and beauty tools, to jewelry and phone cases and all kinds of little gadgets. Honestly, there's a lot of stuff that I want to order from the site just for novelty sake and to see how they work, but for the purposes of this blog I chose a couple of makeup items to review and I'm ready to give my thoughts on the first one now.

Keep reading for a closer look.

You guys know that I chose this because of the packaging, right? I couldn't seem to help myself and I was really hopeful that it would be as pretty in person as it was in the pictures. And it really, really is. Clearly you can't miss that this looks like Dior lipstick and lip glow had a pretty little lipstick baby, right? It's so pretty and I honestly love pulling it out just because it's so cute. 

On top of being cute, it also closes securely with a very satisfying click when you slide the bullet into the lid, making it really convenient for tossing in your bag. One of my biggest annoyances when it comes to a lot of lower cost lip products is that they can often have a very flimsy lid that will fall off in your bag and make a mess of both your stuff and the lipstick itself. No problem with that here.

The formula of this is very pigmented and creamy and dries down to a semi-matte finish. I would say it's more of a creamy matte, really, because it doesn't go completely flat the way that some matte lipsticks do. Wear time on this lipstick was actually surprisingly good for me, which is amazing since I constantly rub my lipstick together when I have lipstick on and it tends to rub away pretty quickly. I find this formula to be quite comfortable on the lips, though I think it can be a little bit drying so you might want to apply some lip balm before the lipstick. This lipstick applies very smoothly, without any hint of dragging, and goes on full colour.

When I first applied this, I was shocked at how pigmented it was because I was expecting it to be much more sheer than it actually is. I chose shade #01, which looked like a sheer, soft peachy shade in the pictures. Ahem. This shade is very, very pink. Like... very baby pink (as you can see in the swatch above) which I think some people would love and others (like myself) would be a little less comfortable with. Luckily, you can apply it in a more sheer fashion and it gives a really pretty, but also very wearable pink look to the lips. To get this look, I like to apply it to my top lip and then press my lips together to distribute the product over both. When applied to both bottom and top lip, you will get full opacity with one swipe.

Overall, I'm actually really happy with this lipstick and have already put shade #03 in my cart on the BornPrettyStore website because I want to try that more purplely-pink orchid shade in this formula for summer. If you're interested in trying out BornPrettyStore, the website offers free worldwide shipping and I've included a coupon code for 10% off your order for my readers below!
Click the photo above to check out BornPrettyStore 
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