REVIEW: Etival Laboratoires Ener-C Mist

by - June 09, 2015

I love mists. Honestly, they're one of my favorite things to hit my face with for a little perk up, especially in the summer time. I feel like summer days can leave your makeup looking dull and... just generally bad as the day wears on, but I find that a little powder touch up and a hit of a good mist is the ticket to feeling and looking just that bit brighter. I also like to use a good hydrating mist after the toning step of my skincare routine, especially since I've been using acid toners recently. One thing that I've come to know is that all mists are not created equal, but I'm always eager to try different ones. Recently, I picked up a bottle of the Etival Ener-C Mist on a whim at Shopper's and have been using it every day since, so I'm eager to give you guys my thoughts.

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This product claims to brighten, refresh and improve skin's texture while helping to minimize the appearance of large pores. It contains vitamin C ester to brighten and ginseng extract stimulate cell turnover and reduce puffiness.

My favorite thing about this mist is absolutely the smell. There's something about that rich, bright orange smell that just perks me up and makes me feel a little bit more alive even on those mornings (like today) when I would rather just stay in bed. However, I also love the way it works. This isn't going to give you miracles, this just isn't the type of product to do that, but it gives a nice hit of hydration to dull skin and I do think I'm seeing some slight improvements in my skin the longer I use it. For me, this is the type of product that I like to hit my skin with as soon as I take off my makeup after work. Since I'm not doing a full nighttime skincare routine at that point, this just gives my skin a little TLC until it's time for all the serums and creams. I do also like to give myself a light mist a few times a day to just give my skin a little bit of refreshment.

I would say that this is a very good mist option, better than a lot of the North American options that I've tried in the past, and worth the $25 price point. Etival is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Do you use facial mists? Have you got a favorite?

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