eBay FINDS #1: TRUE LIPS 12pc. Lip Liner Set

by - October 23, 2015

So... Sometimes I like to peruse eBay and see what kinds of insane deals they have going on there and sometimes, mostly out of curiosity and insanely low prices including Free Shipping, I decide to order some of those things. Since I do that, I wanted to make a new feature on my blog called eBay Finds. Every month I'd like to pick up a few things from eBay and see how they roll out. I will NOT be purchasing any knock off makeup for this feature, because while I love an honest dupe, I absolutely hate a shady knock off. Know what I mean? No knock offs in eBay finds.

Anyway, for my first eBay finds, I have a set of lip liners from Me Now Generation II. You may remember a while back I featured the $1 liquid lipsticks from eBay that were by the same brand. This brand seems to be getting a lot of attention recently (probably because it's almost ridiculous how cheap their products are), so I decided to give their 12 piece lip liner set a try!

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The truth of the matter is that I picked up this set because of the price more than anything. At $2.99US, I figured that this was worth a try even if I only found one lip liner in the bunch that I liked. And even if I hated them all, I'd spent under $4CAD to try them, so why not?

This set comes packaged in a cute little box with girlie swirls and flowers on it. It contains 12 shades of lip liner from light nudes to brighter and deeper shades. One thing that I like about this set is that the box actually does list the ingredients in the liners, which is actually something of a rarity when it comes to... Let's face it, Cheap Chinese makeup products. Out of curiosity, I researched each of the ingredients listed on the package (other than the dyes) and they all get a rating of GOOD or BEST from Paula's Choice, which is a resource that I really trust when it comes to ingredients. High five for good ingredients, cheap lip liners!

I find the packaging of these lip liners to be both absolutely adorable and handy while also being kind of frustrating. I love that each side of the pencil has the shade (though some are quite similar and some are quite different in the tube than on it) so that you can reach for it easily in a cup, which is where I like to store my lip liners. Unfortunately, the lids aren't very secure and I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable tossing these in my purse, because there would certainly be a mishap.

At first swatch, I found these liners to be a little stiff, but they definitely softened up after the first sharpening. I don't think I'd outright call them creamy, but they do have a nice, smooth texture and after that initial sharpening I haven't experienced a lot of pulling on the lips. I find that most pencil liners (as opposed to twist up liners) tend to be a little bit drier, so I would actually say that these are pretty average on that count.

In texture, they are a little bit tacky, which I find makes them perfect for wearing underneath another lip product to help extend the wear. Because of that tackiness, I do feel like it's best to wear these underneath another product. While you can apply them all over the lips, I find that the colour can be a teensy bit patchy, especially with the deeper or brighter shades. Still, I prefer to use lip liner as a companion product rather than an all over product, so that's not a problem at all for me, but it is something to note.

Worst swatcher of life strikes again!

As you can see in the swatches above, there is quite a good shade selection. While there are some colours that look quite similar, I do feel like they're different enough that I can get use out of all of them. I would have liked to see a slightly deeper nude shade and a deeper burgundy/plum shade, but I think that other than that these have a good colour selection.

Overall, I actually think these lip liners are a pretty fantastic deal. They aren't going to apply like a higher end lip liner (or like my absolutely beloved Essence Lip Liners) but they do get the job done and offer a wide selection of colours for an absolutely rock bottom price. As eBay finds go, I'm pretty happy with this one.

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