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by - October 19, 2015

*Product was provided for PR purposes.

Scent memory is incredibly unique. I'm not all that familiar with the science of it, but I do know that certain scents can pull me back to another time in my life and fill me with very distinct emotions related to them. I still recognize the scents of different perfumes and colognes that people long gone from my life used to wear and whenever I smell those scents it reminds me of those people. I remember the scent of the eau de toilette that I used to wear when I was a teenager, a wildly spicy scent from the drugstore in a brightly coloured little vial, but damned if I can remember what the scent was called or who made it even though I wore it for probably two years. Scent memory is a very powerful thing and that's exactly what Demeter draws out.

Recently, I got the opportunity to have a trio of scents curated for me based on my choice of the scent Paperback from Demeter as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network, drawing on my own scent memories. Keep reading for more about this scent and two others that Demeter paired with it for me!

I remember exactly when my love of reading started. See, when I was a kid, it was hard as hell to get me to read anything other than Archie comics. I found it boring to read "chapter books" and would much rather be amused with pictures than words on a page. However, in my Christmas stocking when I was in the sixth grade, I got a Girl Talk book. Remember that game? Honestly, I don't even remember how you played it or what it entailed, but it was a HOT game for the preteen set back then and they released a series of companion books about 4 friends who were all very different. The first book I read was called Stealing The Show and I was sold. I begged my mom to buy me every Girl Talk book that we could get our hands on, and I absolutely devoured them. 

Since I was drawn to reading by those Girl Talk books, I've been an avid reader and a huge lover of all things books. My favorites, which you may know if you've been a long time reader of this blog, are the romance novels whose merit I will defend to the death. I remember picking up my mom's Harlequins, which I think she subscribed to with the intention of reading but really never did, and devouring them in a few hours. I also remember walking over to my aunt's house to borrow books that she recommended to me every few days, tearing through them and then asking for more. The stories in those pages have been some of my best friends throughout my life, carrying me through times of struggle and bringing me joy when I was down. They're the reason I love to write and plan on becoming a novelist - as soon as I can manage to finish a book of my own without being distracted.

The smell of books is something that will always comfort me and make me feel at home. Is it any surprise that I chose this as my scent memory? Probably not.

Demeter has captured the richness, depth, and yes, the attitude of freshly made espresso in our Espresso scent, for whenever you need a decaffeinated pick-me-up.

A trip to your favorite library or used bookstore. Sweet and lovely with just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper, Demeter's Paperback harnesses that scent with a sprinkling of violets and a dash of tasteful potpourri.

Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue by Demeter is a bright and bold full-bodied lemon scent without any of the bitterness or shrillness that lemon can have. It has creamy vanilla undertones without becoming sugary or sweet. The fresh lemon cream is the star of this beautifully balanced fragrance.

As I said, I chose Paperback as my scent and from there the amazing people at Demeter curated a set specifically for me - and I have to say, they couldn't have been more on point. Paperback* is a musty scent that reminds me of a library or an old book store more than the scent of actually sticking your nose in a book, but it really does have a beautiful, masculine scent that gives a feeling of warmth and comfort and reminds me of being surrounded by books.This will be a room spray that I'll definitely get a lot of use out of in the coming months.  

Espresso* is really exactly what it says it is - It smells exactly like freshly brewed coffee. This is definitely a little too on point to wear as a cologne, but it's lovely as a room spray - especially when paired with something sweet, just like how I like my coffee. 

Which brings us to the final scent in the trio, Lemon Meringue*. This is a very sweet scent that's beautifully cut with that citrus hit. To me, it smells exactly how I want it to smell and exactly how I remember my Grandma's homemade lemon meringue pie smelling. The lemony sweetness is perfectly balanced, never leaning too far in either direction. YUM, makes me want pie.

I think these 3 scents are perfectly suited for each other and I get something a little different with each pairing of them. I think that's my favorite thing about Demeter Fragrances, that they're so perfectly blendable to give just the right feeling that you're looking for. I don't know what they have going on down there wherever they curated these, but the collection is absolutely perfect for me!

Demeter has a pretty huge range of scents to suit your particular scent memories and are available online at!

Thanks for reading!

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