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So, I'm going to be doing a full series of posts about my favorites this year, including all of the major categories, much like I did last year, but I decided to do a post for New Year's Eve that is my knee jerk favorites for the categories of FACE, EYES, LIPS, CHEEKS, SKIN CARE, and HAIR CARE. I decided that I would just go with pretty much my first instinct as to what was my absolute favorite product in those categories and show them to you. Now, I have to suck a little bit here, because one of the products is actually discontinued, but I had to be 100% honest and this was literally the one thing that really stood head and shoulders above the rest, but we'll get to that.

Without further adieu, here are 6 products that were my knee jerk favorites of 2015!


This was a new find for me this year, inspired by the rampant love for it in the online beauty community, and it lived up to and surpassed my expectations. When I want a lighter coverage look, I use this on its own and it gives me the look of skin - only more perfected. My favorite way to use this, though, is to mix it with other foundations. I feel like a pump of this mixed with pretty much any foundation in my collection makes that other foundation look better and more natural on my skin. When I was thinking about my favorite products of 2015, this was a clear winner for face products.


So... this is the product that I mentioned earlier that has been discontinued, but I really felt like I had no choice but to mention it because it is my absolute favorite. I, of course, picked up as many back ups of this as I could as it was being cleared out, and I use it pretty much every day either on its own or as a base coat to hold a curl. I prefer the waterproof version, particularly for maintaining my curls all day, but I also quite enjoy the regular version. If you see any of these hanging around in your local stores, I highly suggest you snatch it up, because it really is that good. In 2016, I intend on trying one of the other L'Oreal Telescopic mascaras that is still available - I'll be sure to review it!


This is another product that really had no competition this year. I feel like for the past several months, this has been my most reached for lip product. You can see my full review here, but I can tell you that since I reviewed it I've still consistently used it and I also picked it up as a gift for a friend. I've also tried a selection of different liquid matte lipstick formulas since my review, and this continues to be my favorite formula. It's comfortable, long wearing, and highly pigmented. What more could you ask for? In 2016, I have every intention of picking up more shades!


CLINIQUE CHEEK POP BLUSH in Pansy Pop & Heather Pop
This is another formula that I've only just gotten the chance to try this year, and it was pretty much an instant favorite. After being dragged past the Clinique counter to covet these several times, my best friend picked me one up for my birthday, and then I got another one as a Christmas gift and they're pretty much my most reached for, especially Heather Pop which is fairly neutral and pretty much goes with anything. You can check out my review of Pansy Pop here, and look for a Heather Pop review in the near future. And then obviously more reviews as I continue to add to my collection in 2016!


I'm sure you've seen this cult favorite everywhere, as I had, but I finally decided to try it this year and it instantly became a must have in my collection. I very recently reviewed it here, and I've continued to use it every night as part of my night time skincare routine, and it continues to impress me with what it does for my skin. If you're over 25 and you haven't tried out this product yet, you're missing out. I suspect that this will be a forever repurchase.


This was gifted to me by my hairdresser after I gushed over how much I loved the smell a few times after she'd cut and coloured my hair and it continues to be a favorite. I like the light version of this, because I feel like my fine hair needs something a little less heavy or it starts to look unnecessarily dirty - which I recognize might sound like a weird thing to say. I digress. I love how this makes my hair feel, soft and silky, and the way it smells is absolutely heavenly. I suspect it's going to take me ages to get through this bottle, but I'm on board for a repurchase when the time comes! It's spendy, but a little goes a long way and it's very much worth it.

So there you have it... These are the products that jumped out at me as I was thinking about what my favorite products of the year were. Head back over here in January for a series of posts about my absolute Top 5 favorite products in each of these categories as well as a couple of others. I'm excited to share all of the things that I've been loving over the last year with you guys!

I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading this little blog of mine, because 2015 has been a real year of growth when it comes to my readership, my confidence about blogging, and I'm beyond excited to see what's to come in 2016!

Have a wonderful and safe new year!

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