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Funny story... It was actually my obsession with nails and nail art that led me to my obsession with makeup. I don't actually do my nails nearly as much as I used to, and I never get really adventurous anymore, but I do love nicely polished nails and really nice polishes. I was definitely excited to get to try out some products I'd never tried from Essie, thanks to Influenster's Essie Vox Box! I've used all of the products now and really given them a solid test, so keep reading to check out my thoughts on them all!

This box contained a really great selection of products. First, the Millionails Treatment*, which I was incredibly excited to try since winter always does a terrible, terrible number on my nails. The Good To Go Top Coat* - fast drying, which is a must for me. And, of course, two beautiful shades of nail polish in Plumberry* and Demure Vix*!

Demure Vix* - walk the line between naughty and nice in compelling cocoa mauve nail color. hints of iridescence play up your daringly dual nature.
THIS SHADE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, this was the thing that really jumped out at me the minute I opened the box. This shade is right up my alley in a beautiful pale, neutral mauve with a really soft iridescence that gives it a little something special and helps to hide the flaws in my nails once it's applied. This is a little bit sheer, so it took 3 coats for me to get opacity, but each coat dried really quickly and smoothly, so it wasn't a chore to apply. I actually wore this for 5 days with only the most minimal of tip wear and chipping, which is pretty much a miracle for me. This is definitely my favorite essie polish I've ever tried and I can't wait to use it in another manicure.

Essie Demure Vix + Good To Go Top Coat, Essie Plumberry + Good To Go Top Coat
Plumberry* - be berry lovely in this luscious creamy berry red lacquer with hints of plush pink. pick temptingly sweet color for a sumptuous manicure, every time.
This is my kind of red in that it's distinctly red, but carries enough pink that it feels a little bit fun and less severe. For me, this is the type of polish that I like to wear in the winter, because there's something about a classic berry red during the winter months that just feels super chic to me. This applies really beautifully with a smooth set and opacity in 2 coats. Paired with the Good To Go Top Coat, this gives an even, almost gel-like finish with a ton of shine. I wore this for a full 6 days, with very minimal chipping and tip wear. Very impressed.

Millionails Treatment* - bulletproof nails. fortified with iron and amino acids, each bottle contains 1 million fast acting molecules to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails.
I've used this twice now before my manicures and once just on its own and I really think it is doing something to help strengthen my nails and help save them from the ravages of winter. I can't really say more beyond the fact that I've experienced a lot less chipping and breaking since I've been using this and I think it's doing a good job of making my nails feel stronger and more dense as a result. I'm not going to call this an out-of-the-park product, but I think it's doing its job quite well and I have high hopes for what it will do with continued use.

Good To Go Top Coat*- sets nail color in seconds and creates a brilliant shine. formulated with fast-acting drying agent so you can finish first. nice.
This is a fast drying top coat formula that doesn't shrink, just wanted to get that out of the way. Doesn't shrink! Now, I will say that this doesn't dry as fast as some fast drying top coats, but I'd still put it into the fast drying category. It also gives really beautiful shine and a very smooth, almost gel-like finish to the nails. I have also used this to top a polish that wasn't from essie and I got a good 4 days out of the manicure without chipping. Like I said above, this is pretty impressive for me. As top coats go, this probably isn't my personal favorite, but I think it's quite a good, accessible option.

Honestly, I've never really been a huge fan of essie before, though I did like a few of their polishes quite a bit I found that there were definite hits and misses with what I tried. When it comes to these 4 products, however, I'm very impressed and it has inspired me to want to try more from the brand. My absolute favorite thing in this box is obviously Demure Vix, which is pretty much my favorite polish shade of life, but I would give the nod to all of these products.

Thanks for reading!

*Product was provided by INFLUENSTER. 

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