REVIEW: bh Cosmetics Foil Eyes 28 Color Palette + Swatches

by - May 24, 2016

So there's this new thing I've been doing recently. On Sunday mornings, I'm usually up before my boyfriend so I head downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee, and watch beauty videos on Youtube. For some reason, a thing that I've always been doing lately is ordering things from bh Cosmetics as well. My most recent purchase is one that I've heard surprisingly little about, but that I absolutely had to have as soon as I saw it, and it's the bh Cosmetics Foil Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is exactly what it sounds like - it's a 28 colour palette filled with every shade of highly reflective eyeshadow that you could possibly need. And damn is it pretty!

If you're interested in my thoughts on this palette as well as full swatches, keep reading!

Tune in to heavy metal with our striking Foil Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, a collection of shocking, pigment-packed, multidimensional metallics. The ultra-saturated mix of neutrals and jewel-toned brights -- from icy ivory and super-charged charcoal to flashy fuchsia and electrifying aquamarine -- dares you to experiment and give your makeup a jolt. Blend, layer and play with adventurous placement to rock your world and make your eyes really pop!

As you can see, this palette is packed with a really good selection of shades that range from neutrals to pastels to brights, and even some smokier shades. I honestly don't think the colour selection could have been any better with this palette, because it's just got everything you could ask for. Except maybe a red. Is it weird that I kind of wish there was a red shade in this palette? Anyway... I also really like the way the shades are laid out, because they didn't decide to do the weird thing that some companies have been doing lately where there's no rhyme to the reason. These are laid out in a way that makes perfect sense.

The packaging on this palette is a little cheap, but it gets the job done and I think it looks pretty good. I honestly have trouble asking anything more of the packaging than to be functional at this price point. One thing that I will say, though, is that you get a ton of product in this palette. Each shadow is 0.056oz. for a total of 1.58oz or 44.8 grams of product. For $12.50US, this is a steal and a half.

Obviously there are no mattes in this palette, so you're going to have to bring in another palette to create a full eye look, but I actually do think that metallic shades look absolutely beautiful all over the lid to the crease and then just gently blended out with a matte transition, so I don't actually think you're going to need a lot of other shades to make really good looks with this palette. I also think this is going to be the type of palette you can reach for all year long, because you've got everything you need to create really seasonal looks.

Because I know that someone will ask, I have to admit that I don't own any of the Makeup Geek foiled shadows, so I can't speak to dupes personally. However, I have seen some side by side swatches and there are some pretty bang on shades in this palette as far as shade dupes, but the texture of the MUG shadows is softer and packs a more metallic finish.

The formula on these shadows is really fantastic, I must say. Honestly, there really isn't a miss in this palette for me, although there are a few shades with pigmentation that absolutely blows the others out of the water. Overall, these shadows pack a lot of punch and shine on the lid. Sometimes I find that really shimmery shades like this will swatch beautifully but really lose their impact when applied with a brush, but these pack onto the lid beautifully.

One thing that I will recommend is that you do use these with a primer, because I have had some creasing when I've used them alone. With a primer, though, you get great payoff and all day wear without any issue. I think that because these aren't as emollient as some other foiled shadows on the market, those of us who do struggle with creasing have less to worry about because they really cling to the skin.

The first row of shades is definitely lighter and do require a little bit more packing. You have an icy white, a cool dove grey, a beautiful lilac, a pale turquoise, a sage green, a light golden peach, and a light golden bronze. All of these shades are really beautiful for the lid and can create really soft, beautiful looks. The light peach shade is one of my favorites in this entire palette, because it's just beautiful and feels a little bit like a special neutral.

The second row is where we start to see more brightness come in. First, you have an icy pink that I think will be beautiful for winter looks, a deep charcoal, a royal blue, a bright teal, a stunning leaf green, a gold, and a warm medium brown. For me, the winners in this row are the teal, which looks beautiful on the lower lash line for a pop of brightness, as well as the green, which I think I will be reaching for a little bit obsessively come fall.

The third row has two of my absolutely favorite shades, which are the first two in the row. First, you have a slightly peachy champagne that can be a real workhorse shade, and then you have a taupe that will look gorgeous on any skin tone and will be really easy to wear. The rest of the row is a little less exciting for me, but still absolutely beautiful. The deep navy and hunter green shades will make for beautiful smoky eyes, the light lemon yellow and the orange gold are great summer shades - particularly for deeper skin tones. And finally there's a green/brown duo chrome that always makes a statement.

The finale row is also one that I think will excite a lot of people. There's a light pink that will make a great lid shade and a deep brown that will make a gorgeous brown smoky eye. Next there are three brights that probably aren't for the faint of heart. The purple is stunning and manages to avoid the curse of the purple pigment and gives amazing full colour. The peacock blue is another stunner that I think I'll reach for more for the lower lashline, but gives such stunning pigment that I'm tempted to play with it on the lid. Finally, there's a bright canary yellow that screams summertime. The last two shades, a burnt copper and a deep chocolate brown with a hint of burgundy, are also absolutely beautiful and will also get a lot of use by me.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was going to think of this palette, but now that I've been able to swatch all of the shades and use quite a few of them on the eyes, I feel like this is one of those gem palettes that's just ridiculously affordable and that everyone who loves eyeshadow should have it in their collection. The packaging is a little cheap and I think a lot of people might want to depot these into a Z Palette, but I honestly don't care at all about the packaging because what's inside them is really, really great. 

Seriously, this is a gem!

Thanks for reading!

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