MUST HAVE'S: My Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

by - July 27, 2016

So, I wear a full face of makeup pretty much every day and things like foundation and concealer and eyeshadow are all pretty much year 'round must have's for me, but in the summer there are a few things that I don't tend to reach for so much in the winter that are suddenly on the Must Have list and I decided to write about them for you guys today. Now, this isn't so much about specific products so much as types of products, because it's definitely more about the type of product than the product itself that makes it a Summer Must Have for me.

So if you're interested in seeing the Top 5 things that I absolutely must have in the summer, keep reading!

Neon Nail Polish
I don't know what it is about the summer months, but as soon as the weather gets hot my toes are crying out for neon nail polish. I suspect it's something about the way it brings out a tan and gives a light, fun summer look. As you can see from the picture, I tend to stay in the more pink family, but my favorites are pinky coral and pinky grape neons because I feel like they're a little more interesting and flattering than a traditional pink. For the most part, I prefer to wear neons on my toes and sandy neutrals on my fingers in the summer, but if I'm going to do a neon polish on my fingers it's likely going to be a neon grape type shade. Honestly, I painted my toes the neon coral shade just this past weekend and I had a moment something like, Oh my god, yes! It's finally summer!

Pictured: AURORA Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in 4 Alarm Fire, Orly Nail Lacquer in Oh Cabana Boy, Nina Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer in Punki Purple, and Sally Girl Mini Nail Color OMG

Because I'm so frightfully pale, I find it really hard to wear bronzer in the wintertime. Because I tend to look orange and insane when I put bronzer on during the colder months, I've given up and learned to embrace the striking look of pale pale skin and dark hair in the winter. That said, when the summer comes around I do a little dance as I start digging into my bronzer collection and getting my bronze on. For the most part, I prefer a bronzer that is matte or has only a slight sheen to it. I'm working my way to more shimmery bronzers in hopes of actually figuring out how to get that much loved "J.Lo Glow" that has forever eluded me, but it's a work in progress. Still, every day in the summer it's all about bronzer for me!

Pictured: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Fair, and Tarte Park Avenue Princess Shimmery Bronzer.

Waterproof Mascara
Now, I do actually reach for waterproof mascara as something of a primer to help me hold the curl all year long, but in the summer when there's going to be a situation of perspiring as well as the possibilities of beaches, pools, water balloon fights, etc. I find myself reaching more and more for the waterproof mascara as my primary. My all time favorite waterproof mascara has been discontinued, but I'm on the hunt for a new holy grail in this category while working my way through the stockpile that I picked up before it disappeared from drugstores. If you have any ride or die favorite waterproof mascaras - I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Pictured: My beloved L'Oreal Telescoping Shocking Extensions Waterproof and blinc Mascara Amplified.

Face Primer
Honestly, it took me a while to get on the face primer train, but when summer heat and humidity here in the prairies hits, I'm finding myself more and more drawn towards doing whatever it takes to get a bulletproof base all day. I find personally that my skin reacts really well to a hydrating primer in the winter, but when summer hits it's all about mattifying - but not TOO mattifying. I've tried some primers that made my skin feel like the sahara, and I just can't get down with those, but there are a few in my arsenal that really do their job. My all time favorite, which I don't have on hand at the moment, is that Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, which I find gives me absolutely perfect makeup all day long!

Pictured: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist, Sonia Kashuk Primer Base Perfecting Mattifying Primer.

Hair Treatments
I've talked to death here on the blog about the fact that I have damaged hair. I HAVE DAMAGED HAIR. Of course this means that in the winter it's all about moisture, but I'm finding that in the summer it's really all about moisture as well as managability. Because I've been spending so much time at the pool and the beach this summer, my hair has been needing a little extra TLC and I've been going straight for some of my favorite hair treatments to keep everything smooth and managable. From hair oils to leave in conditioners, I've really been using it all. And on top of that, I've been relying pretty heavily on braids to keep my hair out of my face and in control.

Pictured: Obliphica Seaberry Hair Serum, MOROCCANOIL Treatment Light

So there you have it, my Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Have's. I'd love to hear about YOUR summer must have's in the comments!

Thanks for reading! 

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