REVIEW: Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic Original*

by - July 25, 2016

*Product was provided for PR Purposes.

See, the thing is... I'm a bit of a junkie for dry shampoo. It's funny, when I met my boyfriend 3 years ago he had very short hair and had never even heard of dry shampoo... but now that he lives with a beauty junkie, he's grown his hair, traded the barber for a stylist, and freshens up his hair with dry shampoo rather than giving it a full wash every day. Oh, and he uses conditioner now, but that's a tale for another day. Anyway, I love me some dry shampoo and I go through bottles of it. Oddly enough, since this Batiste Dry Shampoo in the Clean & Fresh Original Scent* is pretty much the OG of widely available dry shampoos, I hadn't ever tried it until recently. I know, right? While I'd used a couple of the other varieties, including the one for dark hair and the Tropical scent (still my favorite...) I'd skipped out on trying this one for some reason.

Now that I've been trying it out for a while, keep reading to see what I think of it!

I don't wash my hair very often. I know that can be a little bit yucky for a lot of people, but I've found that if I wash my hair more often than every third day it ends up drying out and being pretty lifeless. For me, second day hair is my absolute favorite to work with because I have quite fine hair that needs a little help with texture. Especially in the summer months, when perspiring and spending more time outside comes into the mix a little bit more, this means that my hair gets a little greasy looking, so I like to use dry shampoo two ways. 

When my hair is clean, I sometimes will use a little bit of it to give me some texture so it's easier to work with. When I do this, I apply it in the morning, let it sit on the hair for a few minutes, and then really work it in with my fingers before I brush through the hair. I find that this helps with the white cast. If I'm on my second day hair and I know that I won't be washing until the following evening, I like to apply a healthy dose of dry shampoo before bed so it can really get in there and do its thing and will be invisible by the morning.

One of the things that I like about the Batiste line of dry shampoos is that, while they do have some white cast and take a little bit of work sometimes to blend them into the hair, they really do a good job of getting rid of any greasiness and really making my hair look fresh and give some added texture without making my hair feel too heavy. One of the things I hate is a dry shampoo that feels like product in the hair, because sometimes I feel like it can make the hair feel even dirtier. This isn't a problem with this product for me - although I will say that a little goes a long way so don't get too crazy with it. 

If you do have dark hair and you don't want to put the work into blending it in, there is a dark hair option that is tinted and blends into the hair much more easily. Bonus, it has a sexy fragrance!

I think the thing that kept me from trying this particular scent from Batiste is that I thought perhaps it would be a little too... something. I don't know? Boring? Masculine even? It's really not. This has a light, fresh scent that I absolutely love. It reminds me of clean laundry, in the best way possible. Formula wise, I don't find it to be any different than the Tropical scent, which is still my favorite. Honestly, I feel like this is the dry shampoo that most people are going to start out with, because it's so widely available, and it's going to be the product that is going to bring a lot of people onto the Dry Shampoo Squad. Know what I mean?

The Batiste Clean & Classic Original Dry Shampoo* is widely available in drugstores nationwide - and if you haven't tried it... What're you waiting for?

Thanks for reading!

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