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When I was planning my trip to Florida, one of the things that I wanted to do was make a Colourpop order and have it shipped to one of my friends out there. The cost of shipping Colourpop products to Canada is just so astronomical that most of the time I can't justify ordering even when there are products that I really want. I'd been wanting to try out the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin lips for ages now, but again just couldn't the expense of the shipping. Anyway, it wasn't a huge haul but I did get some great things!

Keep reading to take a look at what I picked up!

Ultra Matte Lip Set in Foxy
The day I was making my order, this set - which I believe was originally from last year's holiday collection - was re-released and I pretty much had no choice. I hadn't tried this formula out yet and this seemed like a good way to get a selection of colours to try out without having to commit to full size. These tubes are actually quite a bit smaller than what I was expecting, but I'm still glad that I picked up this set because I really do love the shade selection in it.

Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More Better

This is definitely not my favorite matte lip formula because it's really quite drying and I don't think I can reach for these as often as I might like just because my lips will be crying, but the shades are pretty and they do have really good staying power on the lips. I'm definitely going to try to get the balls to wear Tulle, which on me is a straight up warm chocolate brown, when the weather starts to cool down. The other 4 shades are ones that I have no issue leaving my house in.

Ultra Satin Lip in Magic Wand & Dopey
Considering how people have RAVED about this formula, this was actually the one I was most excited to try - and most convinced that I was going to be disappointed by. I picked up two shades, which look incredibly similar in the tubes and nothing alike when actually applied. Magic Wand is a perfect peachy nude shade on my skin tone that doesn't dead out my lips like a lot of shades like this do. Dopey is my absolutely favorite type of shade - a mauvey nude that pulls a teensy bit taupe in the undertone. GREAT shades, both of these. I feel pretty good about my choices.

Magic Wand, Dopey

I'm actually really impressed with this formula - it lives up to all of the good things I've heard said about it. It's called a satin, though I find it doesn't have any sheen to it. Instead, I think it has a matte finish, but doesn't set to budge proof. Yes, this transfers and doesn't have the intense wear time of something that sets budge proof, but I actually find that once this sets it actually does last a really long time on my lips. It's a little bit tacky, but not sticky, and is pretty much insanely comfortable for this type of product. Next time I make a Colourpop order, I'll definitely be picking up some more of these.

Brow Pencil in Dope Taupe
This was actually a bit of a whim purchase. I remembered, vaguely, seeing some good reviews on these brow pencils when they came out, so I wanted to grab one. The shade I'd definitely heard the most about was Dope Taupe, and for my brows Taupe is pretty much always a good bet. First and foremost, that is NOT the case for this one. I don't know how it can be called taupe, because it pulls quite warm on me and I actually kind of hate how it looks in my brows, so I've stopped using it at this point.

I also don't think this is the formula that I was hoping it was going to be. I find it a little bit patchy and crumbly in application and I don't think the wear time is anything to write home about. I do, however, love the spooly on this particular brow pencil and have been keeping this out on my vanity just to use the spooly. I might use it up at some point in the future, but definitely not right now. This product is a testament to not always believing what social media tells you.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this little haul. I think the Ultra Satin Lips are probably my favorite thing that I've ever tried from Colourpop and I wish I had picked up more shades because I find myself reaching for these pretty much every day and I would love to have some more fall-type shades as the weather starts to get colder. Might have to make another order and get nothing but Ultra Satin Lips!

Do you have any favorite products from Colourpop? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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