HAIR: Fall Hair Makeover feat. Natural Instincts & ION Color Brilliance

by - September 20, 2016

*Products were provided for PR Purposes.

I decided early in 2016 that I wanted pink hair and I maintained that all summer. I had bright pink, I had coral pink, and once it faded I lingered in a peachy rose gold place until it was time to dye again - and it was glorious. Honestly, I absolutely love pink hair. As the end of summer approached and my grey hairs started to show through more and more, I decided that I wanted to deepen everything but still keep some of that pink going. Because... Yeah, I think I'd be bored if my hair was just brown again. 

Anyway, I had the chance to try out some Clairol Natural Instincts in Medium Cool Brown*, which is ammonia free dye that washes out in about 28 washes, and it seemed like a good time to try out a different colour in my balayage as well, so I went with ION Color Brilliance in Garnet, which is a deep raspberry shade. 

So... How'd it go? Keep reading!

Clairol Natural Instincts in 5A Medium Cool Brown*
I actually think that the first time I ever dyed my hair, when I was 16, it was Clairol Natural Instincts. I did it at my dad's house, because my mom wanted my hair to stay a virgin forever and I knew I would get in huge trouble if I used something that wouldn't wash out. I've literally been dying my hair ever since, though I usually use products from a beauty supply rather than a boxed dye these days. Anyway, I liked the experience of using this dye. It was really gentle on my hair and I didn't find that it dripped or moved around too much on my head even though it was a fairly thin consistency. The colour is rich and shiny and my hair looks really healthy where I applied this dye. Even though I know it'll wash out, it provided pretty impressive grey coverage as well. I would definitely use this again, especially since it's a pretty minor commitment as far as hair colour in concerned, which is a plus for me.

ION Color Brilliance in Garnet
I've actually been using the ION Color Brilliance dyes all summer to give me my vibrant colour and I've really enjoyed them. I decided to with this shade because I wanted to go for a rich, fall tone this time around and this one called to me the most. I didn't lighten or bleach wash my hair, I just put this right over where my hair had previously been lightened, and I think the colour turned out really vibrant and rich looking. It also has a nice dimension and kind of shimmer to it, because I do have that balayage in there and the darker tones mix really nicely with the brighter red tones. I'm kind of loving it. 

Natural Light vs. Bathroom Light... Couldn't get a true shot of this hair colour in natural light. :(

As you can see, the top half of my head looks much deeper and richer, especially at the root where my grey was really starting to show. I absolutely love the way the colour turned out on this one and I think it'll be interesting to see what it fades into.... I really actually kind of love that part with pinky toned hair dye because I feel like it ends up looking really cool faded as well. 

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Thanks for reading!

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