Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Body Wash & Hand Soap*

by - September 19, 2016

*Product was provided for PR purposes.

If you guys have been reading this blog for a while, you know that Live Clean products are an absolute staple in my bathroom. From their shampoos and conditioners, which both me and my boyfriend use consistently, to the hand soaps that I literally can't not have on hand, I'm a huge fan of the brand and am pretty much up for trying any and everything that they put out. But as soon as I saw the Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash & Hand Soap*, it was pretty much next level excitement to try it out. I mean... VANILLA OATMEAL. 

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Let's just talk about this scent for minute, because... Mmmmmmm! I feel like this scent is nicely balanced between the sweetness of the vanilla and that soft, almost warm scent of the oatmeal. I don't find that it skews too much either way and I absolutely love the scent that comes out of it. I also find that it does linger on the skin, but not so much that it's going to compete with any fragrances that I'm wearing.

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash*
Our Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash* is formulated to gently - but oh so effectively - cleanse and sooth dry skin, leaving it silky smooth and moisturized. In addition to oatmeal, with its anti-oxidant, natural healing properties, Certified Organic Botanicals of Vanilla and Chamomile nourish the skin.

This is absolutely lovely, it really is. I think it gives a really good foam, but it doesn't feel drying or stripping on the skin and I find that I come out of the shower with skin that feels soft and smells really lightly pretty. Because for me scent weighs so heavily on my choice of a body wash, I have to admit that's a huge part of the selling point for me here, but it's also just really, really lovely.

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Hand Soap*
Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Liquid Hand Soap* both gently cleanses and moisturizes with its perfect blend of Vitamin E, Panthenol, Certified Organic Botanics Vanilla and Chamomile and, of course, oatmeal.

I'm obsessed with Live Clean hand soaps. It's been about a year and a half since I've had any other hand soap in my bathroom - and I'm currently hoarding a Vanilla Peppermint one from last holiday season in case it doesn't come out again this year. Anyway, this was pretty much a guaranteed love for me and it didn't disappoint. What I love is that when I use this hand soap, my skin doesn't feel stripped but it does feel clean. Hand soaps that are too intense dry my hands out and make them feel really uncomfortable, but this one has never done that for me. Lovelovelove.

As ever, Live Clean continues to impress me with their new releases. In case you didn't know, Live Clean's products are predominantly plant based and eco-friendly, which is particularly important for me when I'm washing the product down the drain because I want what I use to be kind to the environment as well as to my skin. 

Both of these products are available now wherever Live Clean is sold  - I double checked and I saw them on the shelves at my local Walmart over the weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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