FRAGRANCE: Black Musk by The Body Shop

by - October 21, 2016

My collection of fragrances is a little bit over the top, I must say, but I do have some favorites that I always go back to. One of those favorites is The Body Shop Red Musk, which is probably the most unique and polarizing scent that I own. The strongest notes are cinnamon and tobacco, and I really do think you either love it or hate it. I love it. Like, I really, really love it and am so excited for cold weather specifically because it means I can bust it out again. So when Black Musk came out - ages ago now, it feels like - I was anxious to get my nose all up in it. It didn't excite me as much as Red Musk, but I still thought it was gorgeous. Didn't buy it though. Literally every time I went into The Body Shop for months, I would beeline and give it a sniff but I always talked myself out of buying it. Until now.

Wanna know more? I'm not the best at describing scents in terms of notes, so my review will be more about my reaction and describing the scent in adjectives rather that nouns. Make sense? Anyway, keep reading for more!


Become brazenly seduced by the dual scent personas of Black Musk Eau de Toilette. Our brand new, dark and desirable fragrance plays up to your fierce inner, and ever so sweet outer! Captivating, feminine notes of bambinella pear, intensified by pink pepper and bergamot. Embraced by heliotrope with an aphrodisiac lilt of luscious liquorice. This eau de toilette is further deepened by black vanilla and black musk accords. Don't be afraid to be... naughty AND nice!

The thing that I love about this scent is that it's very sweet, but there's a depth and richness that keeps it from feeling overly girlie. I'm not a girlie scent type of girl myself - hence my love for Red Musk, which definitely leans more masculine in the very best way - so this is a huge plus for me. This starts with that rich, sexy sweetness and then I feel like as it wears down it loses the sweetness but keeps the sexiness and mystery. 

Though this scent isn't as unique for me as the Red Musk, I actually find that makes it something I'm more likely to reach for because it's a little bit more wearable all year. I'd say this is a solid fall/winter fragrance, but I'll also definitely reach for it on summer nights because it has that rich sexiness. Have I said sexiness enough for you guys?

If any of this description sounds like something you might be into, I'd highly suggest going down and getting a nose full of this at your nearest The Body Shop location. This is a really affordable fragrance option, and it's just so lush and wonderful smelling. If you never have before, I highly suggest checking out the fragrance section next time you're in The Body Shop!

Thanks for reading!

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