REVIEW: My Custom Buxom Eyeshadow Palette

by - October 24, 2016

When the Buxom custom eyeshadow palettes came out, I admittedly didn't pay all that much attention. I think that I've actually been a little bit remiss in paying attention to most Buxom releases because, through no fault of their own, they've never really been a go to brand for me. Recently, however, (and with the help of a possible glitch on the Sephora website) I decided to put together a perfect fall palette using shades from Buxom's collection and I'm officially obsessed with this eyeshadow formula. OBSESSED.

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So what's the deal with these palettes? Basically, the individual shadows sell for $15CAD each and you can choose as many or as few shades as you want. The better value, however, is to put together your own palette using the Buxom Eyeshadow Bar. For $50CAD, you get the palette itself and six shadows to fill it with. The shade selection from Buxom is pretty amazing and I feel like pretty much everyone could find a custom palette that would be just perfect. Because the shadows swap out easily, you can also change the palette in the future, replace shades you're not using, or reup on shades that you hit pan on.

As you can see, I went for a really warm toned palette that I like to think of as being inspired by changing leaves. One thing that I will say is that you should look up swatches rather than just going by what the eyeshadows look like on the Sephora website if you're going to order online, because I find almost all of these shades to look really different in person than they looked on the site - particularly Rose Gold, you know, the green one in the middle there.

Champagne Buzz, Glitz Factor, Filthy Rich, Rose Gold, Mink Magnet, Bronzed Bod

Champagne Buzz is a beautiful neutral champagne shimmer that applies really smoothly. It's not the brightest champagne shade that I have in my collection, but I do feel like it might be the smoothest to apply to the lid. I also think this is a must have type of shade in any palette, because it's neutral and will fit easily with warm, neutral, or cool toned eye looks.

Glitz Factor is the one amongst these shades that I wanted the most. I feel like this is a shimmer golden peach shade that I'm absolutely obsessed with on the lid. Interesting enough, the first time I wore this, it ended up looking a lot cooler against the shades that I blended it out with, but for the most part I think it applies and works really beautifully on the eye.

Filthy Rich is the only matte in this palette, but I kind of feel like it's the perfect tone to be the only matte. It's a very warm toned medium brown shade that can be blended out softly in the crease or packed on a little more heavily to provide depth. I love the formula of this matte - it's easy to work with and doesn't get patch or weird on my eyes.

Rose Gold is the shade I was actually most shocked by when I got it and I actually had to double check that I had the right shade, because in the pan this looks like a green shade that is somewhere smack in the middle of a lime and an olive. Applied, however, this is the COOLEST duochrome, moving from that golden green shade to a coppery pink. It's so interesting and different that I'm actually glad it's not what I was expecting. However, if you're expecting a true rose gold, this isn't it.

Mink Magnet is a light taupey bronze metallic shade that, for me, is a staple in my makeup routine all year long. Honestly, I actually feel like I could have gone with something significantly warmer in the palette, but I love a shade like this and I know that it'll get a lot of use. That said, I do think that this has the chunkiest texture of any of these shimmer shadows and as such can have the most fall out. Still, a gorgeous look on the lid.

Bronzed Bod was another shade that was a little different than what I expected. It's a deep brown shade with a ton of gold sheen and it's absolutely gorgeous, but in pictures it looked quite a bit more red toned and I would say this is more neutral at its base. I'm really glad I chose this shade, because I feel like it grounds looks really well and gives nice depth to the outer corner. Also, even though it has a lot of sheen, I do find that I can put it in my crease and it doesn't look too over the top.

I wanted to show these products working on the eyes and this really simple eye look I did really, I think, shows how smooth and blendable these shadows are. For this look, I just used Champagne Buzz on the inner part of the lid, Glitz Factor over the rest of the lid all the way to the outer corner, and then I just used a really light wash of Filthy Rich through the crease and along the edges to give everything a soft, blown out look.

Honestly, you guys, I'm already thinking about putting together another one of these palettes during the VIB sale, because I love the ability to really choose exactly what I want and put it together in a really convenient palette where I don't have to worry about magnets or anything. These just snap right in and you're good to go. Also, this formula has really, really impressed me and I've been consistently reaching for this palette since I got it and already created several completely different looks with it.

Have you tried Buxom eyeshadow singles yet? Are you as in love as I am? Let me know in the comments!

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