TECH: My Favorite Mobile Apps

by - October 27, 2016

Recently I started thinking about just how much I'm on my phone and how much I rely on certain apps, and I decided that I wanted to share them with you guys. I don't know how exciting these will be, but I figured I'd share them because I'm personally always looking for really good apps and it can be hard to weed through all the available apps to find the good ones. These ones are all approved by me! I'm an iPhone girl for my last 3 phones and I'm pretty sure that I'll be staying with them in the future, because I tend to prefer the iOS to AndroidOS, but I did find links for most of these apps on the Google Play store as well! I don't really have any beauty apps on this list, because I just really don't use those types of apps and I wanted this to be honest.

If you wanna see what apps I'm addicted to, keep reading!

Ever since I discovered Skip The Dishes, I feel like I'm making a hell of a lot more excuses not to cook after work - and I love it. Basically, Skip The Dishes is a delivery service for restaurants, making the days of only being able to order in Chinese food, pizza, and fried chicken a thing of the past. I know that there are other services like this out there, but this one is definitely my personal favorite and whenever it's been too long a day to contemplate cooking, I'm headed for Skip to find something for dinner. IOS / GOOGLE PLAY


There are A LOT of options for weather apps, and I've actually been through a lot of them, but my personal favorite is definitely Weather Underground. I feel like it gives the most accurate forecast for where I am, automatically finding information from the weather stations that are closest to me. It has all of the information that I could need from a weather app, including both a long range forecast and hourly forecast, and I love the way everything is laid out.  IOS / GOOGLE PLAY

I feel like I've been telling everyone about this app, but it's with good reason. I basically use this app every single night. This is an ambient sounds app, but it has the option of waves that are supposed to influence a reaction - such as relaxing or energizing you - and even the option for guided meditation. So far, I only have the free version, but I'm actually planning on upgrading to the full version for more sounds and meditations, because I love it that much and want all of the features open to me. IOS

I know Pandora is the thing for most people, but long before it was actually available to Canadian listeners I got on the Slacker Radio train and it's still where I go for streaming music. Generally, I admit, I listen to the 90s Alternative station, because that will forever be my personal favorite era of music, I think, but there are tons of options and I think there will be something for everyone in this service. There is both a free version and a subscription option of this app, and I've used both and think there's great value in it either way! IOS / GOOGLE PLAY

My boyfriend likes to tease me and call me a Phone Gamer, but the truth is that I really, really can often be found playing games on my phone. My favorites are running games and puzzle games so I can play and listen to things at the same time. Lately this has been my favorite game because it's a continuous run game that requires strategy and doesn't get boring because you're constantly competing with different people and things are continually getting harder. Anyway, this game is great and I'm obsessed right now. IOS / GOOGLE PLAY

If you're a Canadian who loves beauty and you don't have the Shoppers Drug Mart app on your phone, I don't know what you're waiting for! Honestly, since this app became a thing, I've been able to collect Optimum points much more significantly and I've gotten so much more reward from the program using it. Basically, you load your coupons for the week every Saturday and just get to collecting! Also, you can scan your card at the checkout from the app, which is handy if you're trying to cut down on the # of cards in your wallet. IOS / GOOGLE PLAY

Obviously these aren't the only apps that I use, but aside from messaging, email, iBooks, and Instagram they're definitely my most used and they all have my recommendation. 

I would absolutely love to hear your iOS app recommendations in the comments - I'm pretty much always on my phone and I'm always looking for ways to make it more productive for me, so I'm open to anything that you really love!

Thanks for reading!

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