by - October 28, 2016

So, the thing is, I'm really no fan of liquid or cream highlighters because I just find them to be too much work, but I was still willing to give the VICHY Teint Idéal Pure Light Face Roll-On* a chance, because I'm such a huge fan of the brand and I've never been one to count anything out completely. If you've read my reviews of the Teint Idéal Illuminating Powder Foundation* and Bronzing Powder*, you'll know just how much this range has impressed me so far. So how did the product that held the least appeal to me personally hold up?

Keep reading to find out!

This is the Liquid Light concentrate of the range. This highlighter acts like a beam of light which tosses a radiance shine over dull parts of the face. As it is untinted, it can be used alone or as a complement to make-up. It is not a concealer, and it should not be applied to areas of shadow; to the contrary, it is applied to areas most exposed to light to boost their capacity to reflect light, and to freshen up the complexion. 

I wasn't sure about the rollerball packaging of this product at first, but after trying it out I actually find it really convenient and easy to use. Basically I just take a little swipe anywhere that I want to add a little bit of light to the face and then tap it in lightly to blend with my fingertips. I would say that this is the best way to use it, as I do find that using a brush to blend it can move around your foundation somewhat. This can be used as part of a full face of makeup or on a bare face to just bring a little bit of luminosity. 

I will say that if you want a really in-your-face highlighter, this probably isn't for you. This is a more natural looking highlight that gives your skin a natural, healthy, lit-from-within kind of look rather than the glow to the moon type of highlight that a lot of people prefer lately.

The cool thing for me about this highlighter is that it doesn't really seem to have much going on as far as pigment in concerned. Now, for most makeup products that's likely going to be a mark in the negative column, but I actually love that for a highlighter. This is all glow, without any of the pigmentation that can make it an ill match for certain skintones. I feel like this sheer, glowy liquid would work well on literally any skin tone from the palest of the pale to the deepest of the deep because it's not going to pull too deep or too ashy.

So, has this gotten me onto the train for liquid highlighters? Not entirely, I admit. That being said, I do think that this is a great product and I know that I'll continue to reach for it, particularly in the colder months when my skin is a little drier and I need something a little more natural to give my skin a luminous, healthy look. My preferences aside, though, I think a lot of people will fall completely in love with this, particularly if you're in the camp with me where you don't have that perfect 20 year old skin anymore but still want some glow.

The VICHY Teint Idéal range is available now at drugstores across Canada as well as at!

Thanks for reading! Two more VICHY Teint Idéal reviews to go, so keep an eye out!

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