BATH TIME with Live Clean Spa Therapy

by - January 20, 2017

You know those weeks that just never end? My posting schedule has been a little off this week, because I am absolutely having one of those weeks. I've got the cold that won't end, the sleep that won't come steady, and a monthly monster in my lady garden. (Ha! Sorry. Lady garden. I want to backspace, but at the same time I don't. Monthly monster in my lady garden is staying.) Anyway, it was the perfect time for the arrival of some at-home spa products that I'd never tried before from Live Clean Spa Therapy*. I've always looked at these on the shelf and considered it, because I absolutely love Live Clean, but I'd never picked them up because I really don't buy a lot of bath products generally. I literally took a bath every day this week to try and soothe the beast, so it was the perfect time to really test these out.

Keep reading for more on these products!

Whenever I take a bath, I generally use some kind of salt bath - though it's most often from the giant tub of epsom salts that my guy keeps in the bathroom to soothe his muscles after long days. These are definitely, definitely a step up from those. The biggest thing that really hit me about both of these products in the scent. Most of what I get from the scent is the crisp scent of citrus - it's lemon, but when I'm smelling it, I'd swear it's lime - with a sharpness of ginger that makes it feel both spa like and sophisticated in a way that isn't overly feminine. I do think that this is the type of scent that both men and women would be able to get behind.

Live Clean Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts*
Aching, tired muscles be gone! Our restorative blend of Epsom and Dead Sea Satls goes to work to relax and purify while organic extracts of Green Tea and Aloe Vera fight free radicals, soften your ski, and leave you feeling renewed.

Like I said above, salts are a really common thing for me when I have a bath. I feel like I generally take the time to lay in a bath when I'm sore or sick or just generally feeling unwell, and bath salts always seem to help that. For me, these are definitely a step above the ones that I normally use because they've got that great scent thanks to aromatic essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and ginger, that is perfect for a perk up when you're feeling a little less than stellar. They also do make the water feel really nice on the skin. Weird thing to say, I feel like, but true. I really, really love these! When I get out of the bath, I feel overall more relaxed, but also ready to do things - instead of my usual post bath nap time - and my skin feels really nice. I think I'm going to have a long term relationship with these salts.

Live Clean Spa Therapy Moisturizing Foam Bath*
Light, bubbly, frothy... our unique blend of aromatic Lemon and revitalizing Ginger will help ease the tensions of the day away. While you're soaking, certified organic botanicals of moisturizing Jojoba Oil and healing Aloe Vera will pamper and hydrate your skin.

You know what my problem with bubble bath is? When I was a kid, I saw in movies these beautiful bubble baths with the most rich, gorgeous foamy bubbles and I wanted that... But the reality with a lot of bubble baths that I've tried is that you just get weak bubbles that disappear in five minutes. I am happy to say that isn't a problem with this foam bath. I don't necessarily think you get a movie style density of bubbles (because that is literally impossible) but you do get really nice, rich bubbles that last throughout your entire bath. And the smell is, clearly, incredible. After a bath with these, my skin feels really soft and smooth and smells delightful.

I feel like loving these products is really going to hinge on whether or not you like the scent, because it is quite strong and I think some people might not really be into it. For me, I think this hits the name on the head, if you will. I seriously needed it this week and these two products really came through for me. Sometimes the universe just has perfect timing, doesn't it?

As I write this...  I kind of just want to go have another bath! 

Thanks for reading!

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