SUBSCRIPTION: Ipsy Glambag January 2017

by - January 24, 2017

So, I skipped Ipsy spoilers this month and I think I might continue with that trend. I don't think Ipsy is quite as exciting as it used to be - and most people who want to see what's in the bags just go and look at their glam room. Am I right? Anyway, if you want me to continue with Ipsy spoilers, feel free to let me know in the comments, but I think that for the time being I'll just be doing my month unbaggings and leave room for other content. ANYWAY, this month's theme is Ipsy Metropolis, which I think at the very least has resulted in a very, very cool makeup bag this month!

If you want to see what I got in my bag, keep reading!

I really do kind of love the actual bag this month. The two layers of fabric give it something a little bit unique and I think the tones of silver and blue work really well for the metropolis theme without shoving it down your through. I feel like Ipsy has really stepped up their game when it comes to the bag designs each month and that really does make the service more appealing for me - even though I have such a huge collection of  bags that I tend to use them as gift bags for small presents throughout the year!

TEMPTU Base Smooth & Matte Primer
We can admittedly get a little Goldilocks-esque when it comes to primer—finding them either too heavy or too greasy. But this one is just right, leaving our skin feeling silky smooth—without any residue—and definitely upping the staying power of our makeup. One swipe also tamps down shine and totally minimizes the look of any prominent pores.

This is a pretty tiny sample, but I'm actually looking forward to trying it. The word "matte" kind of turns me off because my skin doesn't tend to tolerate mattifying primers in the colder months of the year, but the description doesn't imply that it will be too mattifying so I'm willing to give it a go. I'm actually not generally the biggest primer person, but I've been reaching for it a lot lately so we'll see!

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipgloss in Method To The Madness
If someone won’t give us a trust fund, we’ll take this gloss instead. Easily buildable, one coat delivered a rosy sheen, two coats added a more noticeable flush to our lips. Either way, these neutrals are choice when the end goal is a no-makeup-makeup look.

I'm not much of a gloss girl, so this probably won't get a lot of use in my collection, but for someone who is into gloss I think they'll probably quite like this. It's pretty sheer so I don't get a really opaque colour like with some glosses, but it's got a really nice sheen and the texture is really smooth and not too sticky. I'm not mad at it, it's just not really my thing.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel
For the sensitive babes out there, peels can often be a no-no, which is why we heart this one so much. Unlike others, which use acids, this protein peel touts ingredients that attach to dead, dry cells and instantly lift them away, leaving skin velvety soft and not at all irritated…in three minutes. Your complexion will look as good IRL as it does with your fave filter.

I actually received a sample of this peel from Birchbox when they were servicing Canada and it just didn't impress me. I think I prefer an acid peel that's a little more intense, because I just really saw no difference with this. I'll try it again and maybe see better results, but I'm definitely not excited about the inclusion of this in my bag.

SLMissGlam Beauty Blend Brush L34
No boring brushes here! Of course we totally love the purple handle (side note: it’s not only pretty, but much easier to find in an overcrowded makeup bag). The ombré bristles are made of a super soft synthetic material, and the shape is ideal for applying color either just in the crease, or all over your lid.

I feel two ways about this brush. The first is that it's so pretty that I might die. It might be the prettiest brush in my collection at this point. I mean, it has rhinestones in the ferrule! The second way I feel about it is that the bristles are very, very long but it isn't fluffy and dense enough to balance that out. I haven't used it yet, so I'm not sure how I'll like it, but this isn't my preferred brush shape generally. 

Pacifica Blushion Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color in Wildrose
There’s nothing like a swipe of blush to instantly revive your complexion. This one earns big points for the universally-flattering color, a shimmery rose that never leaves us with clown cheeks. FYI, it goes on a little lighter than it looks in the packaging.

I have to say that generally I've been a little bit underwhelmed with the Pacifica products that have been included in Ipsy bags in the past, so I don't have the highest of expectations for this. That said, I am a fiend for blush and I'm really hoping that it works out because I feel like this colour is right in my wheelhouse and if I like it, it could become a favorite!

Overall, I think this month's bag was pretty good. I'm not really whipped into a frenzy over it and if I had created my own bag from the products in the running this month, it definitely would have looked different, but I'm not mad at it and I think it's worth what I paid for it... What more can you ask, right?

I'd love to see what you got in this month's Glambag, so leave it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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