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by - February 21, 2017

One thing that I love about fragrance is the way that it lets you say something about who you are when you wear it. I have a pretty big collection of fragrances, because when I get ready in the morning or before going out at night, I always want to choose a scent that fits how I feel about me right at that second. Whether I'm feeling pretty and girl, dark and sexy, or fierce and edgy I always like my fragrance to reflect that just as much as my makeup and outfit choices. I feel like no woman is just one thing. We've got layers to ourselves that beauty, fashion, and fragrance allow us to explore. It's in that spirit that I decided to put together a few fragrances that I've gotten to test out from Avon & mark. that I think really capture different spirits in their different scents.

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I think I've mentioned it here on the blog before, but when I was growing up my mom almost always wore Avon's Night Magic as her fragrance and that's a scent that I will absolutely always attach to my mom in my head. I know, without a doubt, that it made her feel sexy and powerful - and I think that was something important to a single working mom raising three kids on her own. I think fragrance can make us feel like who we are, who we want to be, and even serve to remind us of who we used to be. I know I'm getting a little flowery with this, but fragrance has always felt like something magical and personal to me. 

Because I find it hard to review fragrances in terms of their notes - I just don't have that kind of nose - I want to review these fragrances in what those notes make me feel.

mark. Rebel Luxe Eau De Toilette
Part edgy, part opulent. Be the leader of your own style revolution with this chic blend of irresistible dark plum, sophisticated baccarat rose and mysterious patchouli.

From the first time I smelled this, this was a fragrance that felt young to me, full of possibilities. There's a combination of edginess and lightness to this that feels just right for a woman who is figuring herself out and getting ready to strap on her boots to make her way in the world. Edginess without darkness, that's really what it makes me think of. Strength and determination with an optimism that I think a younger generation always seems to have the market cornered on. 

**Note: This seems to have disappeared from the Avon Canada website, so I'm not entirely sure it's still available in Canada, but it is available on US Avon site!

Avon Little Red Dress Eau De Parfum*
Stand out in a crowd with sensual red raspberry, sophisticated Bulgarian rose, and rich red sandalwood.

Little Red Dress is a scent that makes me think sexy, but fun and never, ever trying too hard. I feel like this is the night out scent for a confident woman who is ready to roll with the punches and see where things go. Distinctly feminine, I feel like this is the kind of scent that embodies a woman in her 30s - strong and confident in herself, getting down to the business of living her life - whatever that entails. Admittedly, this scent reminds me of someone that I used to know, which may influence how it makes me feel, but that's really what I love about scents.

Avon Prima Eau De Parfum Spray*
Beauty in motion. Experience the dramatic blend of elegant plum, intoxicating rose and intense white patchouli that lasts all day.

There's something about a scent that's light and lovely without feeling like it's meant for babies. Know what I mean? Soft and delicate without being too fresh or too sweet or too... much? I feel like Prima is a scent that is, again, distinctly feminine but in a way that's much softer than Little Red Dress. At first, I really didn't think that this was going to be a scent for me, because I always tend to choose spice and musk and this is really the opposite of that... but then I fell a little bit in love with the feeling it gives me. It's hard to explain, really, the feeling... It's just happy, but in that quiet, soft way where I think happiness is best. I have a feeling that once summer hits and my need for deep, dark scents abates some, this is one I'll reach for often.

So... I know I got a little over the top with my descriptions of these, but I honestly just sat and smelled each of them as I wrote about them and went with my gut. For me, fragrance is really all about what it elicits in a really organic way, so that's how I decided to write about them. I hope that you enjoyed it and that maybe it inspired you in some way! 

My whole thing with fragrance is to choose what makes you feel good and what makes you feel most like yourself at any given moment... which is why I have so many fragrances in my arsenal, if we're being honest. I'd love to hear what your favorite fragrances are in the comments!

Avon & mark. fragrances are available from your local Avon representative or on &!

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