REVIEW: Avon True Color Lip Crayons

by - March 28, 2017

I feel like the wide array of different lip products and formulas on the market at the moment is probably more diverse than ever before. While matte liquid lipsticks are still having their moment, the other options from sheer oils to the most densely pigmented lipsticks you can imagine are all available at a variety of different price points and I would be more than happy to try them all! Recently, I've been trying out the Avon True Color Lip Crayons* and, while they aren't exactly what I was expecting, they're actually a really interesting formula. Well, two formulas actually!

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The Avon True Color Lip Crayons are available in two different finishes - cream and shimmer - in 12 different shades from neutrals to brights. These crayons are infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, giving them a creamy, hydrating feel on the lips. I definitely find the different finishes to perform quite differently on the lips and I really like one while the other one really isn't for me. 

The Cream formula is a little bit more sheer, but I find it to be incredibly comfortable and almost natural looking on the lips. The texture is quite thick and a little bit waxy, but I do find it to be really comfortable and I like being able to really feel the lipstick on my lips when I press them together. The colour is buildable, but I wouldn't say you're ever going to get full opacity or dense pigmentation from these. That said, I actually think those types of lipsticks have a place in any collection. 

The Shimmer formula is much more densely pigmented and I feel like you can get full opacity from these if you build them up, but it doesn't feel quite as hydrating on the lips and the presence of the shimmer in the formula is really noticeable when you have it on. I like the pigmentation of these, but I just find the shimmer formula so uncomfortable that I don't enjoy wearing them.

Avon True Color Lip Crayon in Fairest Nude*
Fairest Nude is by far my favorite of all five of the True Color Lip Crayons that I've tried and it has taken up residence in my purse because it's such an easy shade to wear and works with pretty much any eye and cheek look. This isn't a one swipe kind of a lipstick and I do find that I have to build it up with a few swipes, but once it's on I feel like it gives a really beautiful, natural looking look to the lips. 

Avon True Color Lip Crayon in Mauve Model*
I honestly thought that Mauve Model was going to be my favorite of all of these shades and I have to say that I do really like the color, which is deeper and (obviously) more mauve than Fairest Nude. Unfortunately, this is in the Shimmer finish and I find it really uncomfortable. I also find the shimmer in this shade to be a little bit too chunky and obvious, so the overall look just isn't for me.

Avon True Color Lip Crayon in Reddy For Me*
Reddy For Me is a really gorgeous cherry red shade that I think would be universally flattering in tone. The pigmentation is quite good on this shade and I do think it's easy built up to full opacity. If you're into a shimmer finish and don't mind that slight feeling of grit, I do think you might really like this. 

Avon True Color Lip Crayon in Just Rosy*
I suspect that Just Rosy is going to be a spring staple for me. Just Rosy is a bright coral shade that just screams spring and summer to me, and because it comes in the Cream formula and is a little bit more sheer I actually find it to be incredibly wearable. On my fair skin, I find really densely pigmented coral shades to look a little bit... strange, but I actually really, really love how this looks!

Avon True Color Lip Crayon in Pink Premier*
Pink Premier is probably the one shade in this collection that definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. It's a vibrantly bright blue-based pink shade that definitely makes a statement. That said, again I really think that the more sheer formula makes it feel a lot more wearable than it might be if it was more opaque on the lips. I don't know that this is a shade that'll get a ton of play in my collection, but I definitely think that someone who loves a really vibrant lip would enjoy it. 

Top Row: Fairest Nude, Mauve Model. Bottom Row: Reddy For Me, Just Rosy, Pink Premier

As you can see, the Cream finishes really do have a more sheer look on the lips but do really show up. I also find that I can build up more dense colour than these pictures show, particularly with Fairest Nude, if I do several swipes across the lips. I absolutely love the shades of the ones in the Shimmer finish and I love how pigmented they are, but the texture is just not one I can particularly get down with.

Overall, I would say that these are definitely worth picking up. For me, it would be all about the Cream finishes and those are the ones I would really give my recommendation to, but if you're into a cream finish and you don't mind a grittier feel on the lips I really do think the shades and pigmentation of the shimmer finishes are gorgeous. 

The Avon True Color Lip Crayons are available now from your local Avon representative and the regular price is $10CAD each. See for more!

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