REVIEW: Paul & Joe Summer 2017 Daydream Believer Collection

by - May 30, 2017

I swear, every time I look at products from Paul & Joe, I am taken by their packaging. I feel like they've hit a kind of sweet spot where it's cute and super girly, but in a way that's just cheeky enough to keep it from being saccharine. Does this make any sense? This is how my brain works. Anyway, because I can't actually find the brand locally, I hadn't ever gotten my hands on any of their products until I recently got the chance to check out a couple of products from the Paul & Joe Daydream Believer Collection for Summer 2017. 

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Can we just take a moment for the pretty? I feel like one thing that Paul & Joe always consistently does is make their products look 100% unique and a little bit over-the-top but also not too much. Sort of a contradiction, but I think that's what makes it interesting for me.

Paul & Joe Eyecolor Limited in 005 Daydream Believer*
Admittedly, I didn't even want to touch this because the patchwork look of the powders is just so pretty that it was hard for me to mess it up by sticking a brush into it. Of course, I don't let makeup be pretty and untouched in my life and I did actually use it. At first, I was a little bit afraid that I wouldn't be able to get the individual shades out of the palette, but it's actually pretty easy to get in there with a flat shader and pick up the specific colour that I'm looking for. 

For me, all of these shades are lid shades to be paired with a soft matte shade in the crease. I think they all give a very light wash to the lid, which is perfect for summer, and give more of a luminous glow than a metallic shimmer. Honestly, I've been reaching for this palette a lot for my lid shade since in the summer I really like to keep my eye looks light and fresh and this is really perfect for that. For me, the only shade I really don't like in this palette is the icy blue shade, which I find to be more of a subtle glitter topper than anything else. It's pretty, but just not my thing. 

Overall, I think this definitely isn't going to be for everyone, but if you're like me and you like a really subtle wash on the lid in the summer this could be something to look at. 

Paul & Joe About Tinted Lip Gloss in Musing*
When I saw this I was a little bit confused, but then I looked at the description and realized that this is a clear gloss that is intended to react with the heat of your skin to give a pink tint on the lips. Admittedly, I didn't think I was going to like this at all... but man was I wrong. Gloss has always been a problem for me because I always find it to be goopy or sticky, but this gloss has the smoothest, almost balm-like texture that just feels super hydrating and amazing on the lips and I probably enjoy wearing this more than any other gloss I've ever tried. No joke. The tint it gives the lips is quite subtle, but it makes the lips look really healthy and the shine gives them a more plump appearance. There's no shimmer in this gloss, which is highly important to me, but it still gives a lot of shine to the lips. I'm in love, seriously. 

I honestly think these products are both really perfect for summer. Everything about them is soft and subtle, making the looks that come out of them look really effortless and luminous without ever being overdone. Admittedly, I wasn't sure about them in the beginning, but they've completely won me over and I know that I'll be reaching for them constantly over the next few months - especially this gloss, which is going to be living in my purse for the foreseeable future.

In Canada, Paul & Joe products are available on as well as at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations!

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PS - I've had this song stuck in my head through the entire writing of this post. Cheer up, sleepy Jean!

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