REVIEW: Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalizing Face & Body Products

by - June 02, 2017

I mentioned in my recent First Impressions post about the Weleda Mighty Essentials Set recently that I was testing out some products from the new Weleda Evening Primrose line. of skin and body care products. Admittedly, I haven't tried a ton of products from Weleda, but I've been impressed with what I've tried thus far, so I was really excited to try these out. I've given them a solid test and I'm ready to give you guys my thoughts.

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Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalizing Body Wash*
200ml | Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Wash gently releases a fresh, floral scent inspired by the opening evening primrose blossoms. The blend of ingredients with organic macadamia nut oil and organic evening primrose oil keeps the skin silky smooth and protects its natural moisture.

I think what's going to make or break this product for most people is whether or not you enjoy the scent. Personally, I think the deep, evening floral is beautiful and I enjoy lathering up with it in the shower. Like a lot of more natural body washes, this doesn't have the most rich lather and I do find that I need to apply a fair bit to my pouf to wash my entire body, but as long as I don't skimp on the product it does a good job of scrubbing and cleaning from neck to toes. I find that when I use this, my body feels fresh and clean without any stripped or tight feeling when I get out of the shower. Like I said, I think this is a great body wash, but it will live or die on whether or not you enjoy the fragrance so if you get the chance I highly recommend giving it a sniff.

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Day Cream*
30ml | Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Day Cream plumps the skin with intensive moisture, while Centella Asiastica extract revives the skin’s own vital functions and protects against free radicals. Deep lines appear noticeably reduced, and the skin’s overall appearance is more even and visibly firmer, and facial contours more defined.

I think, of the three products I'm reviewing here, this has been my favorite. Day Cream can be a little bit tricky for those of us who wear makeup every day and want to have hydrated skin without disrupting our makeup. This has been a perfect addition to my morning routine because it feels rich and hydrating, leaves my skin looking plump and healthy, but doesn't disrupt or break up my makeup. In fact, since I've been using this I've found that my makeup applies a little bit more smoothly and feels more skin-like throughout the day. I can't really speak to how well it reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles, because I'm just not there yet personally, but I really do find that the overall look of my skin is more youthful when I use this cream. Like the body wash, this does have that Evening Primrose fragrance, but I haven't really found it to annoyingly linger on the skin too long after application. I would definitely highly recommend this, particularly if you've been struggling with finding a good cream for day time use.

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Night Cream*
30ml | Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Night Cream promotes the nightly regenerative powers of the skin and stimulates its natural defense system, whilst strengthening the skin and, restoring plumpness and increasing resilience.

Night cream is one of my favorite parts of my overall skin care routine because I feel like that's where I can use something that's a little richer on my skin and really get in there and deeply hydrate my skin. This has been a really good cream for that, particularly in these warmer months when I want something rich, but not too heavy for night time. This definitely has a richer, creamier formula than the day cream, but I do find that it sinks into the skin fairly quickly. While I've been testing this, I've found that my skin feels really plump and youthful, making it clear that it's really hydrating my skin. I think that in the colder months this probably won't be enough for me personally, but I'm really impressed with it as a summer night cream. 

Overall, I think all of these products are solidly good quality and generally effective. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone who has scent sensitivity, as the scent is very strong and could be difficult to handle, and I would say that this could possibly be a scent that could be polarizing - but I personally really, really love it! My biggest recommendation of these three products is definitely the Weleda Age Revitalizing Day Cream*, which I've really been loving and which I think a lot of people with different skin types and concerns will really enjoy!

Weleda products are available in Canada online at & as well as at select local retailers!

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