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When I was thinking about my favorites this month, I realized that I have a tendency to get really obsessed with types of products rather than specific products themselves, so I decided to do my favorites a little bit different this month. Basically, I wanted to pick my favorite products in the categories that I've been most gravitating to this month. I think this works well because maybe it'll inspire you to reach for similar products in your own collection or give you some options of products to pick up if you're also loving those categories. If you like this format, let me know in the comments because I'd love to keep doing it!

Anyway, keep reading to see what I've been obsessed with this month!


For so long, the super pigmented, super matte liquid lipsticks that most of us went mad for ruled the day, and I personally find that I'm seeing more and more people drawn to more sheer, hydrating formulas right now as a direct result. While I'm still a sucker for a great matte lip, I've been reaching for these types of sheer, easy to wear nude shades pretty much every day.

mark. All Butter Now Lip Treat in Bare All (Review)
This is actually probably the most pigmented of these three and also the most beige in tone. It's super hydrating and comfortable and I've had this in my purse for probably two months now and been reaching for it constantly. 

NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita
This has been in my collection for quite a while and I wasn't really reaching for it until recently. It's pretty much perfection, in my opinion. The formula is gorgeous and creamy and hydrating and this shade is a sheer nude with a mauve undertone that's super flattering on my skin tone. This is probably going to live in my purse all summer - so worth the hype!

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 370 Jennifer's Nude
I actually think this is a pretty great drugstore dupe for Dolce Vita - check out swatches over on my Instagram. The shade is a hair warmer, but on the lips you can't really tell the difference at all, and the formulas are really, really similar in texture, comfort, and hydration. I would say this is a must have if you're into a sheer nude lipstick.


As the weather gets warmer, my skin definitely gets more combination and I find that I reach for more matte foundations. However, matte foundations can be tricky for me because so many of them cling to dry patches and end up making me look parched and unhealthy. I have three drugstore options this month that have been giving me the look of matte but healthy skin!

Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder (Review)
This powder is just dreamy, you guys. I love that it sets my face and takes down shine, but doesn't leave me looking flat and powdery. For the price, I really don't think you can beat this powder and I have a feeling this will be one of those products that I consistently repurchase.

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream (Review)
I've found that this is too matte for my winter skin, but absolutely perfect for my spring/summer skin. It's distinctly matte, but it doesn't feel heavy or tight on my skin and I find that the look of it never looks too prepped or dry. This is such a surprisingly good product at the drugstore.

Maybelline FIT Me Matte + Poreless Foundation 
Honestly, this might be my favorite foundation from the drugstore. Unlike the Covergirl, I do actually find that I can wear this one all year because it's not too matte on my skin, even when I'm dry. I hadn't reached for this in a while, though, and when I grabbed it again this month I just fell in love all over again. 


I find that when the seasons change, my shade choices for what I apply to my face tends to really change too. This past month I've been doing a lot of really simple contoured eye looks in very neutral shades, neither too warm nor too cool in tone, and I find that peachy blush is really flattering with those types of looks and gives a really fresh look to the skin.

Too Faced Love Flush Blushes in I Will Always Love You (Review)
I honestly reach for the Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe all year long, but over the past month I've really been leaning heavily into I Will Always Love You, which is a distinctly peachy shade with a golden sheen to it. It really gives that healthy spring look to the cheeks that I love.

Maybelline Master Blush Colour & Highlight Kit
I've been testing this recently for review, but I can't tell you enough just how much I LOVE the peach shade in this palette. It's completely matte with a really creamy, highly pigmented texture and I just love it at the moment. The other shades are nice, but I honestly use the peach shade every time I reach for this.

essence Mosaic Blush in All You Need Is Pink
FINALLY these are actually on the shelves here in Canada, having been only available online for quite some time, and I'm really like this one. It's not as smooth as the next blush I'm going to mention, but it's more matte and gives a softer look on my fair skin on days when I don't reach for bronzer. 

essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral (Review)
If you're looking for an amazing peachy blush with sheen in the drugstore, I can't stress enough how much you should try this. The texture is gorgeous, the shade is perfect, and the glow it gives on the cheeks is just enough for that healthy glow. I think this is one of my all time favorite blushes. 


To be honest, it has taken me a while to get on the highlighter train fully - but I am definitely there now because I'm finally finding more and more options that suit my skin tone. And, you know, I'm dealing with my skin texture a little better these days than I used to. Anyway, I've been using highlighter every single day lately and I'm finally into the obsession.

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer (Review)
For so long, I wanted to get Mary Lou Manizer into my life - and I FINALLY did in 2017, and I don't regret it for a second. I'd heard that it was blinding, but I actually find that it lands somewhere between being really bold and really natural on my skin, giving distinct glow but not making my skin into a beacon. This is just dreamy - a cult favorite for a reason.

w7 Strobe Time Palette in It's Glow Time (Review)
I honestly had no idea how much I was going to love this palette, but I'm really, really impressed with the shade selection and the quality of these powders. For the most part, I've been reaching for the peachy Strobe shade, which isn't quite as intense as the paler Highlight shade, but still packs a lot of glow on the cheeks. If you can get your hands on this palette - do it, seriously!

Quo Liquid Highlighter 
I hesitated to include this, because it was limited edition and isn't available anymore, but I've been reaching for it so much that I couldn't leave it out. For light or no makeup days, I've been tapping this onto my cheeks for a little bit of luminosity and it's just absolutely stunning. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for Quo to release liquid highlighting products again. 

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals (Review)
There is serious hype behind these highlighters and I searched high and low for it before finally getting my hands on it - and I absolutely love it. It's definitely not as icy as what I'm used to, but this is the highlighter I reach for when I'm going really bronzey on the skin and I really love the formula. What more can I say?


I was going to choose some scents that I've been loving... but honestly this is the only fragrance I've been wearing at all. It's just the perfect fresh, bright, unique scent for summer and I'm in love with it right now. Check out my full review for notes and whatnot - and then head over to Sephora to get a nose full of it!

So there you have it, a month worth of very seasonal favorites! Seriously, let me know in the comments how you enjoyed this format, because I really enjoyed doing it but I know it did get a little bit product heavy! 

Thanks for reading!

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