AVON A BOX: The Fresh & Clean Collection

by - October 23, 2017

Hey guys! It's that time again... Another unboxing of the Avon A Box! The them for this box is The Fresh & Clean Collection and like the Power Of Pink box, this is another one that is completely unique to the other boxes that the company has released. 

To check out what comes in The Avon Fresh & Clean Collection A Box*, keep reading!

I feel like Fresh & Clean is a theme that could go a lot of different ways, from light makeup to body products, but I'm actually really impressed with what they chose for this collection. It's skin care heavy with some interesting products from Anew along with a couple of foot and nail goodies. The Fresh & Clean A Box contains:

Anew Clean Daily Scrub 30ml Deluxe Size, 
Anew Clean Cream Cleanser & Mask 30ml Deluxe Size, 
Multi Benefit BB Enamel Perfect Pink Full Size, 
Anew Brightening Sheet Mask Single Use, &
Foot Works Lavender 3-in-1 Pampering Oil 60ml Full Size.

Again, I'm a HUGE fan of Avon nail polishes, so I'm pretty stoked to try out this BB Nail Enamel - especially because after I do a couple of intense nail art manicures I always go back to a nude nail as a kind of mental reset. Also, I'm pretty much obsessed with cleansers and masks so I'd really like to try these out, and I already really enjoy the Anew sheet masks and the Foot Works oil. I think this might actually be my favorite A Box yet, just for personal tastes reasons. 

If you're still not familiar with the Avon A Boxes, they're similar to a subscription box in that they have a selection of 5 different full and sample sized products curated with every campaign, but rather than be something you subscribe to they're something that you can pick up for $10 with a $40 Avon purchase. I think this is great for existing Avon customers to pick up during a regular order, but also for new customers who want to try some new products.

Contact your local Avon representative or check Avon.ca/Avon.com to find a rep near you. 

Thanks for reading!

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