REVIEW: Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Topcoats

by - October 25, 2017

I'm not even going to be coy here... If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that today we're going to be talking about my new nail obsession - the Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Topcoats. My best friend has actually been doing a lot of acrylic pour painting recently and I had been wanting to create that same kind of effect on my nails, but it always seemed like way too much work with way too much possibility of error. Enter these topcoats and my heart is singing. 

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When I first saw these in store, I wasn't really sure what "Hypnotic Transforming Topcoat" could possibly mean. I mean... it's a little vague, right? Anyway, I did a little bit of Googling when I got home from the store and then basically went right back out to pick up the entire collection of all five shades. Basically what these do is work with your traditional polishes to create swirling cells of magic. How else does one describe it? You'll see!

The collection has 5 shades total - but I really wish there had been about 20. And I would have bought them all. Anyway, the shades are as follows:

Rebel Rebel is a navy blue shade that manages to be both bright and deep at the same time. Concrete Jungle is a mid-toned neutral slate grey and is my favorite of the bunch. Punk The Town is a violet purple with a strong magenta hint to it once it breaks up. Redrum is - you guessed it! - a classic neutral red shade. And, finally, Purpunk is a pale lavender shade that is also pretty dreamy and surprisingly versatile.

For this look, I paired Purpunk and Concrete Jungle with white and rose créme polishes.

When I was looking online for tips on how to actually use these, what I saw really told me that I had to stop being afraid of making decals and finally go for it. The way that I did both of these manicures was to apply dots of polish in a kind of bullseye - like how you would do a watermarble - on a Ziploc bag. Once I felt like I had enough polish down, which was probably about 6-8 drops total, I folded the bag over and smooshed (for lack of a better word) the puddle together to marble the colours. Once I unfolded it and lay it flat again, the cells started to form pretty much instantly. Trust me, even if you're scared of decals, it's worth it. 

For this look, I paired Purpunk and Punk The Town with a white and deep teal créme polishes.
Topped with a very fine holographic glitter.

One tip that I would have for using these is to make more decals than you need so that you can really pick and choose which parts you want on your nails. Some parts of each decal will be more interesting than others and I think a pickier eye will make your mani really pop more. Another tip is to only allow for about 2 hours of dry time on the decals so that they're still really malleable and easy to apply to the nail. 

If you don't want to do decals, you can also use these directly on the nail and get a pretty cool effect. All you have to do is apply your base colour, let the first coat dry, apply a second coat and then go in with your Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat and apply a thin layer and it will start to create those cells. I just personally like the look of multiple shades all meshing together, so I prefer the decals. 

I'm obsessed. Because these are Limited Edition, I have every intention of popping out this week to get backups of at least Purpunk and Concrete Jungle, but I'll probably also get a backup of Punk The Town. Honestly, these are probably my favorite nail polish release in a really long time, and at only $2 a bottle, they're basically a steal. 

I'm not entirely sure when the Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Topcoats are going to disappear from the shelves since they are limited edition and have already been out for a couple of months, so if you're interested in these I'd highly recommend running out and grabbing them while you still can! I picked up mine at Superstore here in Canada!

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