REVIEW: LipSense by SeneGence in Bella

by - October 13, 2017

In the last several months, I feel like I've seen LipSense by SeneGence absolutely everywhere and I'll admit that I was definitely curious, but a little bit unsure of what to think. Recently, I was contacted by an independent SeneGence distributor and offered the opportunity to try the product out for myself. Of course I had to take her up on it, especially after all of the hype around the product. I decided that I want to try more viral beauty trends, so if you're interested in this being a series, keep reading. 

For more on my thoughts and experiences with LipSense, keep reading!

I'm going to structure this review a little bit differently than my other reviews, because I feel like it's important. I have to tell you - the first time I tried this, it did not go well. I'll start with the basics, though. LipSense claims to be a completely new type of lip product that bonds to the lips and provides all day,  budge proof wear that will not quit. The packaging is a standard liquid lipstick tube with a fairly small, fairly stiff doe foot applicator that I think is exactly the type of applicator that you need for this particular product. I'm not personally a huge fan of the design and branding, which feels dated to me and is a pretty common complaint I see from other people. Now, onto the nitty gritty.

The thing that I've learned about LipSense in my time testing it is that there's a pretty specific process that you have to employ to get it to work out the way you want it to. If you're going to use this, you definitely have to watch some tutorials and ask questions, because it's unlike any other lip product I've ever used and the proper application is an absolute must. Here are the things I've learned about application in the time I've been testing it:

1. This has a strong alcohol smell to it and does have a tingle/burn upon first application that the company tells you to expect. It does have a lot of alcohol in it and I suspect that with every day use this could be drying to the lips.
2. It's a good idea to exfoliate and cleanse your lips thoroughly before applying this product. 
3. You need to do thin layers and let each dry in between before applying the next. For the shade Bella, I found that three layers did the trick and gave me even coverage.
4. Apply in one smooth swipe from one side to the other of your lips. Absolutely do not go back and forth to try and get each layer even because you're going to lift the product and jack up the application.
5. You absolutely have to apply the gloss after application. Without sealing in the product, it gets super sticky and your lips will stick to each other and make the application look patchy. 
6. Take the gloss with you, because you will need to apply it throughout the day to keep things looking and feeling their best.
7. Try not to press your lips together throughout the day, because that will speed up the breakdown of the product and I've definitely noticed a slight deepening of the shade when I press my lips together a lot. Weird, but true.

The first time I tried to use the Ooops! Remover to take off a full lip, that was also a bit of a fail. It worked great for cleaning up little application wobbles, but I absolutely could not get it to work to take off my LipSense at the end of the day. Rather than write it off, I inquired as to how to properly use it and learned that I was doing that wrong as well. Unlike a traditional oil based makeup remover, which you can just kind of work into the product and rub away, this works best if you apply a fairly thick layer and let it sit on the lips for a couple of minutes. After that, it wipes off quite easily. 

Obviously, we do have to talk about the shade Bella - which is an absolutely gorgeous rosy mauve shade with grey-brown undertones. I actually like it best when it's first applied and I do find that it deepens throughout wear because I am definitely someone who presses my lips together quite a lot. Still, I think this is the kind of shade that a lot of different people could wear and pull off easily and it's a great entrance into LipSense. That said, the shade selection is pretty enormous and I think that just about anyone could find a shade that would suit their personal tastes.

Overall, I think LipSense by SeneGence* is a product that has pros and cons. Obviously the length of wear is going to be a huge pro, particularly for special occasions, and I do think it looks great on the lips for several hours. I think this shade in particular is really, really wearable, and I love that there's a huge shade selection overall. However, because this is a formula that requires complicated application, I wouldn't say this is a throw it on and go type of a product. I also personally don't love the high alcohol content for regular use, so this will definitely be something that I'll save for special occasions when I really need something that's going to stay in place for a long time. It's really going to be all about what you're looking for in a product, I think. 

If you're interested in trying out LipSense, I highly recommend contacting the independent seller that gave me a chance to try this product. You can find her on Facebook & Instagram. She was incredibly helpful with me when I had questions about the product and it was really a pleasure dealing with her. 

Thanks for reading!

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