REVIEW: Maison Jacynthe Vignt Deux Eau De Parfum

by - October 11, 2017

More and more as I get older, I'm finding that I'm not so much a signature scent kind of a girl and I prefer to have options in my collection that suit my taste. That being said, when fall hits and the weather starts to get cooler and everyone is going crazy for pumpkin spice everything (yuck!), I go straight for the deeper, richer spicy scents that always seem a little bit wrong the rest of the year. Recently, I've been testing out the Maison Jacynthe Vignt Deux Eau De Parfum* and I have to say... It's fitting in pretty perfectly for this time of year. 

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Sensual, languorous and delightful. Vingt-Deux (French for twenty-two) will take you to the country of romanticism and desires. A perfume of character for the singular woman.

Oriental and floral fragrances that reveal head notes of spicy bergamot. The heart notes will soften your mood with a subtle marriage between peonies and jacinthes. The magnificent base notes, deeply voluptuous, evoke vanilla, sacred benzoin and our emblematic maple syrup. Precious and delicate woods will warm your body and soul with kindness

Top note: bergamot, cardamom, pink bay and rum
Heart note: peony, geranium rosat and ylang-ylang
Base note: maple, benzoin, vanilla and labdanum

I've been testing out the 10ml rollerball of this fragrance, but it's also available in a 50ml bottle. I like rollerballs myself, because they're a little more portable and... to be perfectly honest, my tendency towards variety in my fragrances means that I'm unlikely to use up an entire big bottle before it starts to get... weird. Anyway, this rollerball is absolutely gorgeous, with a sturdy glass tube, very effective rollerball, and a beautiful wooden lid. 

I'm sincerely bad at describing fragrance, because it's more the experience than the notes that I react to. This scent is... entirely unique to me, but also brings about a scent memory that I can't quite place. I think this scent is really interesting in that there's a juxtaposition of depth and delicacy to it. Where it could have skewed somewhat masculine, there's a sweetness to it that's distinctly feminine. I think that depth is what really makes it feel like a fall fragrance to me, but I also think this could be a great evening fragrance in the summer and winter as well. Like I said, it's incredibly difficult to explain, but the way that it feels to me is very sexy and confident, but also a little bit subtle and graceful. It won't be for everyone, but I definitely think there are a lot of different tastes that would be into this scent. 

Overall, I'm kind of in love and I can't stop wearing this! The scent is 100% right up my alley, completely unique while still feeling oddly familiar, a kind of contradiction of depth and delicacy, sweetness and spice. It lasts several hours on the skin, though it does become more subtle with wear. If this sounds like something that you'd be into, I think it's definitely worth picking up the rollerball to try out before investing in the full size bottle, but I have a feeling this could actually be one that I'll pick up a full size of eventually. 

The Maison Jacynthe Vignt Deux Eau De Parfum* is available online and the 10ml rollerball retails for $50CAD.

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