GIFT IDEA: Paul & Joe Holiday 2017 Makeup Collection

by - November 30, 2017

With the holidays coming up, it always seems like there are a million choices on the market in the beauty category and brands seem to be stepping it up more and more to stand out. To me, Paul & Joe products always sort of stand out based on their adorable and entirely unique packaging, but I feel like the Paul & Joe Holiday 2017 Makeup Collection* goes above and beyond even their usual. 

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Inspired by champagne in Paris, Paul and Joe’s Holiday Makeup Collection, creates a gorgeous look with glamorous luster. The holiday makeup collection includes three of Paul & Joe’s Limited-edition items, housed in the perfect sized pouch, making an ideal gift. Let the Paul & Joe Beauté Limited Edition Makeup Collection create the most striking ultra-glam look this holiday season.

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss S 001*
I have to admit... I definitely thought this was lip gloss when I first tried it. And because of how much I loved the lip gloss I tried from the Summer 2017 Daydream Believer Collection*, I was pretty excited about that. So I put it on my lips and... it didn't go well. Because it's not a lip gloss, it's an eye gloss. I actually hadn't ever tried an eye gloss before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but this definitely wasn't what I was expecting.

The Paul & Joe Eye Gloss S001* is a light champagne gold shade with really fine glitters in it. Applied with the wand, it gives a really soft wash of light catching shimmer to the lid and sets down surprisingly quickly. Admitted, I wasn't actually expecting it to set at all. I've tried this on its own and over shadow and I have to say that while I do think it's pretty, it's definitely best used on its own for a light wash. I feel like this would be the kind of product that would be perfect paired with winged liner and a red lip for a sort of effortless glam kind of a look. I think this actually does fall really well in line with Japanese makeup trends that aren't as heavy on the eyeshadows as western trends.

Paul & Joe Shimmering Blush 001
I'm such a fiend for blush, so I think this was the most exciting inclusion of this entire set of products for me. When I first opened this blush I wasn't entirely sure that I was going to love it, because it's quite glowy and I prefer a more matte blush, but after trying it out and using it as part of an overall look with these products, I absolutely love it.

This blush is a really beautiful warm peachy pink shade with a gold sheen to it that gives a really natural, healthy flush to the cheeks. I think it would work best for fair to medium skin tones and I can't really say how I think it would show up on deeper skin tones. On my skin tone, this is perfect and I feel like the shade and sheen are perfect all year around.  I really like the texture and formula of this blush as well. I wouldn't say it's super creamy, but I also don't find it to be powdery and I think it applies and blends really nicely on the skin. 

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lipstick 003
Okay so... The award for the cutest lipstick ever literally goes to this. The cat packaging is, of course, adorable, but what really wins it for this one is the actual design of the product itself. The outer rim of this lipstick is a sort of sheer lipstick with gold microglitters through it, but the inner core is a red creme that is shaped and embossed like a cat. I mean... Literally, the cutest thing ever and I think it really gives this set the special factor that can't be denied.

The product itself is a really pretty sheer cherry lipstick I think would be perfect for someone who wants to wear a red lip but isn't necessarily wanting to go full on with it. Because this is sheer, it gives a more subtle, almost bitten look to the lips, and the gold microglitters catch the light and give a bit of a sheen to the lips that is perfect for the holidays. Personally, this isn't my favorite formula of lipstick, but that's to do with preference rather than quality. Overall, I think this is a really, really pretty lipstick.

When used together, I think this set creates a really pretty holiday look that would be perfect for someone who isn't really into going full glam. It has a really pretty glowiness to all three products, but there's also something quite subtly pretty about this - which is what I always think of Asian makeup as being, so it makes sense. I think this would also be a beautiful gift for someone who is just starting out in makeup, because it isn't overly fussy.

Honestly, guys, I just can't get over how pretty this is - I'm just obsessed with all the cats and adorableness! Paul & Joe products always kill  me with the cuteness and I really do think that special attention to detail makes their products perfect for gifting!

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