REVIEW: tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Flirt Palette

by - November 27, 2017

I've become a little bit of a collector of the small palettes that tarte has been releasing for the past few years. In fact, one of my all time favorite palettes is the tarte Tarteist Pro To Go palette and I still reach for it really consistently and find it quite versatile for having only six shades in it. Because I loved that palette so much, there was really no question as to whether or not I was going to pick up the tarte Tartelette Flirt Palette as soon as the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale started.

So... How is it and how does it stack up to the Tarteist Pro To Go and the Tartelette Tease palettes? Keep reading to find out!

This palette claims to be an "essential on-the-go palette of long-lasting shades." Not a bad claim, I'd say, and overall I think it sums it up pretty well. This palette contains 6 shades - 4 matte and 2 shimmer - in a nice small compact with a mirror that's great for tossing in a makeup bag and taking in your purse with you. All of the shades lean quite warm, which is obviously very much on trend, and create neutral eye looks.

I absolutely LOVE this eyeshadow formula. Like the shadows in the Tarteist Pro To Go, all of these shades have amazing pigmentation and a really smooth, buttery formula that blends beautifully. This matte formula is actually among my absolute favorites currently and I feel like I never have to worry about getting a smooth, blended look when I reach for these. They also wear really well on me and I don't really have any problem with creasing or fading when I use these shadows. I honestly can't find flaw with the quality and performance of these shadows. 

When it comes to the shade selection in this palette, I have some issues. I was really excited to see a light shade in this palette, since one of my complaints about the Tarteist Pro To Go was that I didn't have a pale matte shade that I personally find essential for most of my eye looks. Unfortunately, the lightest shade in this palette is far too yellow and has a bit too much depth for me to use as a brow bone shade. It will probably work well for medium to deep skin tones as a highlight, but for me it basically has to be a lid shade for all matte eye looks. 

The other issue I have with the shade selection in this palette is the lack of variety. The two shimmery shades definitely have different undertones and look different in swatches, they end up looking really similar on the eyes. Also, the two mid-tone matte brows are just too similar to give me much variation in the looks I can create with this palette. If I had been the one curating it, I would have replaced one of the shimmery shades with a really bright rose gold and one of the matte browns with a bolder, more burnt orange kind of a shade. I think that would have made this palette a lot more versatile and impressive for me personally. 

I decided to show all of the small tarte palettes that I own together and I think it gives a better representation of my personal issues with this palette. The Tartelette Tease palette (bottom right) doesn't have my favorite formula, but there is more distinct variation in each of the two roes, with the top being more neutral while the bottom is more purple. The Tarteist Pro To Go palette (top left) is by far my favorite of all of these palettes. The shade selection is almost perfect with a good variation between the shades to give a surprising variety of different looks for a small palette, and it has the updated formula that I'm a little bit obsessed with. That would be the one I would recommend if you're looking to pick up one of the smaller tarte palettes. 

Overall, even though I do have complaints about the curation of the shades, I do like this palette and I know that I'll be reaching for it for neutral, every day looks because the shades are beautiful and I love the performance. Like I said above, I do think that the Tarteist Pro To Go palette is just overall a better option, but for someone who likes to keep it simple this could be a better option for you. Know what I mean?

The tarte Tartelette Flirt Palette is available at Sephora and retails for $23US/$30CAD.

Thanks for reading!

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