REVIEW: mark. Rebel + Ice Body Care Products

by - January 29, 2018

When I tend to think of winter scents, I'll admit that I generally think of things that are rich and warm and give me the feelings of coziness that I'm always looking for when it gets cold. However, I've recently been trying out the mark. Rebel + Ice Body Care Products* and I have to say it has me rethinking my thoughts about cool, fresh scents in the winter. Described as "an icy mix of cool mountain air, winter iris, and white birch woods", it's a cool scent that doesn't lean minty or aquatic and isn't too heavily floral. In fact, for me, it's straight fresh and clean with maybe the lightest hint of something sweet hidden in the background. And it's absolutely gorgeous.

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First of all, can we just talk about this packaging? I absolutely love it. There's something about the way that it's designed and the simplicity of the branding combined with the picture of mountains in the background that is just super current for me and gives it a modern, youthful look that I absolutely love. I feel like mark. is really bringing some great modern packaging of their products, but I think this might be my favorite.

The three products in this collection all worked quite well for me. The Rebel + Ice Body Wash* ($10CAD) has a good lather and a really nice texture, not too rich nor too thin, and rinses well to leave my skin feeling soft with a really subtle fresh scent on the skin. 

The Rebel + Ice Body Lotion* ($10CAD) is probably my favorite of the three products. It has a lovely texture that is quite emollient without being too heavy and is nicely hydrating. I find that once this sinks into the skin, and for several hours after, this leaves my skin feeling really silky and smooth. The fragrance is really lovely on the skin and I do find that it lingers, though it isn't overpowering. 

Finally, the Rebel + Ice Body Mist* ($14CAD) is a really nice complement to the other two products. It has a nice, fine mist and isn't at all overpowering. As you'd expect with a body mist, this isn't a long lasting fragrance but I would say I get a solid few hours out of it before it starts wearing down. And, of course, it lasts a little longer when paired. 

I have to say that I'm really overall impressed with all three of these products. I feel like they hit the mark (punny...) on all fronts for me. Absolutely love the packaging. The scent is surprisingly gorgeous for me. And all of the formulas are quite well done, in my opinion. I would definitely recommend checking these out if you're looking for a fragrance like this. 

Also, if the packaging is up your alley and you noticed the scarf in the pictures, the What A Scene Scarf* ($18CAD) is printed with the same photo as the bottles and it's really, really lovely! 

As always, mark. products are available from your local Avon representative. Check out or for more info and to find a rep!

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