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Happy International Women's Day, everyone! I went back and forth on what kind of content that I wanted to put out today, but I had this on the roster and it seemed like the perfect time! While I did have a lot of ideas of how to address International Women's Day here in my little corner of the internet - there are really countless women's issues that my little feminist heart feels strongly about - I also felt like a celebration of women owning their sexuality seemed like a good idea. Recently, adult toy brand LELO partnered with Amber Rose and curated her toy box with a selection of toys that get her stamp of approval. The quote from Amber Rose on the LELO website sums it up perfect for me, "Orgasms don't judge and neither do I. I've partnered with LELO to serve up products that are a tribute to women's beauty and power." 

To check out a little more on my personal feelings about Amber Rose and why I feel like she's a great fit for this role as well as a review of the LELO INA WAVE* vibrator, keep reading!

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I feel like, as women in 2018, we have a lot of women that we can look up to because there are strong women everywhere. I personally have a strong, enthusiastic appreciation for all of the women who are standing up for the issues that effect themselves and their community as women. From women across industries that are standing up for workplace equality and safety to women of colour and LGBT women who are standing up for intersectional representation in the feminist movement, I feel like the voices of women are really getting louder and louder these days and the world seems to be standing up to listen. For me, Amber Rose has been a voice for a long time that unapologetically holds the way that women's sexuality is treated up to the light and demands that women be allowed and even encouraged to embrace their own sexuality and choose what's right for them. While you may not agree with her choices, that's never been the point, because it's not about the choices that we make as women but our inherent right to make them for ourselves without distinctly gendered social consequences for making them. That's a huge reason why I wanted to do this post, because we should never feel ashamed of embracing and expressing our own sexuality.  

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Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave™ surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion to massage your G-Spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assure a blended climax crashes over you. Fully Rechargeable. 100% Waterproof. 10 Pleasure Settings.

I'm not gonna lie, you guys, as soon as I got this I was pretty intrigued and not just a little bit excited about it. I've been super impressed with LELO products in the past, with everything from the design to the construction very much living up to the luxury label, so I had high hopes for the INA WAVE*. 

While it looks like a traditional rabbit type vibrator, where you have an insertable portion as well as a clitoral stimulator, there's the added feature of what they call a "come hither" motion. What does this mean? The best way I can describe it is almost that it functions like a crab claw, opening and closing slightly when you have the waving powered on - which is definitely my preferred way to use this. The design of this toy is absolutely beautiful. It's sleek and not at all intimidating and the all silicone outer not only makes it easy to clean, but also really comfortable to hold.

As you can see, it really does have that crab claw kind of feeling that I talked about the head. The longer part, which is intended for insertion, is quite firm and I don't really find that I can flex it, but there's a good amount of flex to the smaller part. One thing that I've heard about this toy is that for some people it just isn't compatible for their bodies, which makes complete sense, but for me it was a really good fit. I would recommend positioning it before you power it on, though, because once that waving motion starts I find that it really clamps on there and can be a little bit difficult to situate and if it's in the wrong position it can feel a little bit pinchy. Once you get it settled where you need it, though, it's a good fit. This isn't really a toy that, for me, is one you're going to want to move around much. It's more of a toy that you find the right spot for it and you just hold on tight.

The controls for this toy are situated on the handle and it's a pretty easy five button setup. In the center you have the power button, which I find quite responsive and then you have +, -, ▲ and ▼ buttons for the controls. Use the ▲ & ▼ to scroll through the different vibration patterns and the + & - buttons to increase or decrease the intensity. Pretty simple, right? Personally, neither of those things are something I'm going to personally play around with while I'm in the thick of it because I tend to find the right pattern and intensity and stick with it, but the ease of the controls does make it pretty straight forward if you're a little bit more adventurous than me. Like I said, this toy is fully rechargeable and waterproof. The charging power at the bottom of the unit and 2 hours or charging will give you 2 hours of play. 

Honestly, you guys, this toy is amazing, in my opinion. I absolutely love the design of it and it works really, really well for what I need. I also find it to be be fairly versatile, because I've found different positions that give different sensations for me based on what I'm in the mood for. This is a luxury product, so thereis a fairly high price tag, but I think that if you're looking for a really high end toy, this is definitely one to take a look at!

In my opinion, every woman should have a toy in her nightstand or sock drawer or wherever you decide to keep your toys that really works for them and I think that on a day like today, one that celebrates women, it's a good time to talk about embracing your sexuality unapologetically, the way that Amber Rose has been doing for years!

In celebration of International Women's Day, for a limited time LELO is offering 20% off when you use the code AMBERWDAY on any of the products in Amber's Toy Box - so I think this is a great time to take a look if you've been thinking about getting a new toy!

Thanks for reading!

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