REVIEW: Wet N Wild 10 Pan Rosé In The Air Palette

by - March 07, 2018

Of all four of the new Wet N Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palettes that have been recently released, Rosé In The Air was definitely the most interesting to me... and, of course, the last one I was able to find. As soon as this started popping up online and influencers started receiving their palettes from PR, the similarities to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, one of my all time favorite palettes, were pretty clear. Of course, I had to test it out myself and see if it actually held up as a dupe palette.

For my full review of this palette as well as a dupe comparison, keep reading!

Obviously over the past few years, really warm toned palettes have become quite popular, but until now I feel like the options in the drugstore have, for the most part, been quite neutral and cool toned. I think it was smart for Wet N Wild to release this palette, regardless of how individuals feel about dupes, because these are the types of shades that people are reaching for recently and people on a budget want the on trend shades just as much as people who are able to purchase high end palettes.

I really think that the shade choice and layout of this palette were really, really well done because it hits all of the marks that it needs to hit. With 8 mattes and 2 shimmers, this is not only a really versatile palette, but the inclusion of so many mattes makes it very much on trend with what people are reaching for. Personally, I tend to built out a look with several matte shades and really only go in on the inner 2/3 of the lid with a shimmery shade in pretty much any given look, so I'm all about a palette that is quite matte heavy.

As with my other reviews of this collection, let's start with the transition shades. At the top of the palette (right side in the photos) there's a very neutral taupe shade that I actually really think was well chosen for this palette. While it can feel really, really overwhelmingly warm, I feel like you can easily put together a more neutral or cool toned look if you pair the right shades, and this transition definitely helps with that. At the bottom of the palette is an absolutely gorgeous camel brown shade that I think comes off a little bit deeper when applied than it looks in the pan. As a transition, this is a little bit deeper than I prefer on my skin tone, but I find that if I mix it with a little bit of the cream shade in the palette it works well for me in that way, but for the most part I use this shade to build out the crease.

Now onto the top row of shades in the photos, moving left to right. First is a rosy brown satin shade that has a decent formula, is moderately pigmented and builds up quite nicely. I think this is the kind of shade that you actually can buff into the crease and blend out without it looking like a shimmer bomb, but it also works fairly well packed on if you wet your brush. Next is a soft mauve taupe matte shade that is where this palette can really move into cooler toned looks. I actually love this shade as a transition when paired with the brighter fuscia shade in the next row and the cream for a really bold purple look. Next is probably my favorite shade in the palette, the metallic gold. This is just a perfect lid shade and the texture is really beautiful. It definitely is most impactful when applied wet, but you can also pack it on with a dry flat brush and I think it still maintains a lot of brightness and impact. Finally, we have a matte cream shade that is perfect on my skintone as a browbone highlight or lid shade for an all matte look. It's super pigmented and creamy, so it really gives coverage without bringing too much colour. Might look a little bit ashy on a deeper skin tone though, because it's quite neutral in undertone and doesn't bring a lot of yellow.

Now for the bottom row, which is entirely matte. First is a neutral deep brown that is basically a must have with this selection of shades. It's the perfect shade to blend into the outer V and deepest part of the crease to give depth and grounding to the look. Next is a bright fuscia rasberry shade that actually has quite a different formula to all of the other mattes in this palette, which I assume has to do with those pigments. While it's quite pigmented and does apply and blend quite nicely on the eyes, it's quite dry and a little bit gritty in texture when you swatch it. I have definitely used it on the eyes though and I haven't had any issue with performance - and it's stunning, so I'll put up with a less than perfect formula. Next is a sort of brick red brown shade that I tend to go for a lot when I'm using this palette. I haven't used it at full colour, so I'm not sure how that looks on the eyes, but when blended in with the really orangey shades in the palette, this also gives a little bit of grounding without taking away that strong warmth. Finally, we have a midtoned orange/brown shade that really pushes this palette firmly into that warm category. I feel like this is the shade that everyone really wanted in their collection but was quite hard to find a couple of years ago before the warm palette boom. I feel like I use this shade in every warm look I do using this palette and it always performs beautifully.

I have to admit that I had trouble reviewing the shades in this palette because it is such a direct dupe shadewise of what's in the Modern Renaissance palette, but I do think that this was a really well chosen palette and the shades that they went with really give this palette that same vibe and versatility even with less shades.

For this look, I startred with shade 2 over my brow bone and down into my crease as a base. Next I went in with shade 10 for my transition and really tried to buff that into the skin for a smooth transition. Next I added a little bit of shade 7 to the crease before really deepening it out with shade 9. I finished by applying shade 3 wet all over the inner two thirds of the lid and making sure everything was seamless between my lid and my outer V with the same brush I used to apply shade 9. While this is quite a warm look, I think it's pretty basic and neutral and I wanted to show it because I feel like this is the type of look that a lot of my readers do on the day to day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance 
Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air

Admittedly, no matter how many times I saw this declared a dupe online, it wasn't until I really sat down and compared the palettes side by side that I agreed with it. I'm unlike to declare something a dupe until you have both shade and formula similarities that are close enough, in my opinion, to compare. I've tested a lot of "dupes" that are similar in shade, but perform completely differently, but these two palettes have both nearly identical shades as well as very similar performance on the eyes. Considering the price difference, I find that absolutely amazing.

Top Row: ABH Modern Renaissance, Bottom Row: Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air

The only shades that I see a real difference with is ABH Tempera & WnW Shade 2. The Wet N Wild shade is a true matte, while Tempera is a sort of very subtle satin. As you can see above, I've long since hit pan on Tempera, so I was hoping this would be a true dupe and was a little bummed that it wasn't. That said, Shade 2 is still a gorgeous, important shade. The only other shade that I found subtle differences in was ABH Love Letter and WnW Shade 8 and it wasn't so much in finish or performance as it was in texture. Love Letter is a much smoother texture and less dry, so I find like it's a little bit easier to work with, but ultimately I don't think that it makes the biggest difference.

Aside from those two differences, I was pretty amazed at just how much of a dupe this palette is. The ABH Modern Renaissance palette is literally one of my all time favorite palettes and the biggest part of that is the ease of blending and bulding the shades, but when I used both palettes side by side to create the same look I really felt like there was no difference. I also got my boyfriend to look closely at the look and tell me which one looked better and he said that they were basically exactly the same, but the Wet N Wild eye looked a little more smoothly blended. Whether that was because of the product or me, I can't really be sure, but I can be sure that the performance of this palette holds up to a seriously impressive degree for me.

This palette is amazing. It has to be said. The shadows perform beautifully, they are well chosen to create a really cohesive and versatile palette, and I really have no complaints. I do actually still think that Not A Basic Peach is my favorite palette of the four, but it really only edges this out because it's different than anything else in my collection while I obviously already have all of these shades. Still, I think this palette could actually be a drug store must have for me and for $7.99CAD, how can you possibly go wrong?

I still haven't seen any updated permanent Wet N Wild displays featuring this, but I picked up my Wet N Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Rosé In The Air palette at Walmart. If you're looking for these, keep at eye out at your local Superstore, Loblaws, Rexall, and Walmart locations!

Thanks for reading!

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