REVIEW: Wet N Wild NEW Silent Treatment Quad

by - March 16, 2018

When I first really started getting into the online beauty community, there were a handful of products that everyone raved about and loved. The now discontinued Wet N Wild Color Icon trios were firmly on that list. Some of the best quality, most affordable shadows in the drugstore, everyone had at least one or two of these in their collection. Recently, along with the new 10 pan palettes, Wet N Wild have reformulated and released some of the old trios as quads that include matte transition shades and I was really excited to see Silent Treatment among those, as it was always my personal favorite from the collection.

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I don't have my old Silent Treatment trio still on hand because I depotted all of my Wet N Wild shadows to save room a few years ago, but I feel like thisis pretty bang on with the original palette as far as the shades are concerned. As far as I remember, at least.

As with all of the other new Color Icon releases, the biggest change has been the addition of matte transition shades. I feel like, obviously, that's the thing that kind of pushed the original trios out of everyone's radar for a while as people got more and more into blending with mattes in the crease. For those who might be too young to remember... this didn't really used to be a thing that people did at home. In fact, I can remember really clearly when none of the palettes in my collection included matte shades and no one really cared.

I kind of feel two ways about the "Transition" shade in this palette, which is a cool toned rosy taupe. The first way is overwhelmingly positive. This is exactly the type of shade that I tend to reach for when I'm doing a look with cooler taupe shades on the eyes and gives me a really smooth transition that works well with my skin tone. Unfortunately, not everyone is as light as me and I think that this shade just isn't going to show up on a lot of people. Even on my fair skin, I did have to build this - which was great for me, since it gave me a nice blend, but for deeper skin tones I think this shade might just end up being a throwaway.

I would say that overall, the rest of this palette is a very satiny shimmer finish. It's very soft overall. The first shade in the palette is the "Browbone" creamy pink champagne shade with a strong sheen. The texture of this shade is a little powdery for me, but if you apply it wet or really press it on over a primer this doesn't have an overly powdery look on the eyes. 

Next is my favorite shade in the palette, which is the "Eyelid" shade, a lavender taupe satin shimmer. For me, this is a shade that I like to buff all over the lid and up into the crease for a one shadow look when I want something quite subtle. This isn't going to be the most impactful shade in your collection, but it is ultimately a bit of a workhorse. This has a really smooth texture, not nearly as powdery as the last shade, but can take some building up for more opacity. Like with a lot of other Wet N Wild shimmers, I recommend using it wet. 

Finally, we have a charcoal grey that is a matte base with quite a bit of microshimmer in it. When applied to the eye, this shade behaves like a matte and I don't really find that I notice the shimmers so much. I actually find this shade to be a little bit dry, which makes me wish that they had reformulated this shade as a straight matte in their new matte formula, which I find a lot creamier and easier to work with than this one. I wouldn't say this is a terrible shade, I just think that it can be better.

I think that, overall, what you're going to get with this palette is a really soft look, like the one below. For someone who is looking for a really easy, cool toned, wearable every day eye quad, this could be absolutely perfect. I know that a lot of people don't wear their makeup like we see in the online beauty community and I think this palette will probably call more to them than to people who like bold, strong makeup looks. For me, I can definitely see why this used to be my favorite, and how my tastes and makeup style has changed since I originally bought it and has made it a little bit less desirable to me personally.

For this look, I basically used this palette exactly as it was intended and how the diagram on the back instructs you to. Not necessarily because that's what stuck out to me the most, but because this palette works best that way. I started with the champagne shade on the brow bone -  not my favorite shade for this since it does have a bit more glow than I like there. Next, I went in with a fluffy domed brush and built up the transition shade in and slightly above the crease. Next, I used a slightly smaller blending brush to add some depth with the crease shade, which definitely performed more like a matte. Finally, using a flat brush I packed the eyelid shade all over the lid and went back to my blending brush to try and make everything seamless. I think the look turned out okay, but it's softer than I personally prefer these days.

Overall, I think the new Wet N Wild Color Icon Silent Treatment Quad definitely has a place in the line up, but it's just not my personal favorite. I would recommend this palette for people who are really into a softer, more subtle every day eye look and want a go to palette to get that done. For me, this palette is more for the casual makeup user than the downright makeup junkie. That said, I do actually think that type of customer makes up a huge part of the cosmetics market, so this is a solid palette for those people.

I'm personally interested in trying out a few more of the Wet N Wild Color Icon quads - maybe just something a little more impactful and in line with my personal tastes this time!

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