ADULT TOY REVIEW: LELO NEA 2 Personal Massager

by - May 09, 2018

Hey guys! I've got another Adult Toy Review for you today - and I have to say, I'm really, really excited about it. Everytime I do one of these reviews, which initially made me feel a little bit uncertain and insecure, I'm feeling more and more empowered by them and I hope that you guys are really enjoying them! Recently, I got to try out a couple more toys from LELO, and I wanted to space them out a little bit, so for this first round I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the LELO NEA 2 Personal Massager*. It might look a little bit unassuming, but I assure you... It's a winner!

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Beautiful to behold, beautiful to be held, NEA™ 2 is exquisite both solo or shared, with its discreet design perfect for nestling between partners, while strong vibrations and  intricate floral detailing enhance your sensual experience. 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns - NEA™ 2 places powerful pleasure in the palm of your hand.

Where oh where do I start? Because, trust me, I have LOTS to say. Let's start with the basics. This little bean (which is what I call it, I'll admit) is quite small and fits really easily and comfortably in your hand. It has a smooth plastic case with really pretty floral and butterfly details that I personally really like the addition of. Cleaning the NEA 2 is really easy, not only because the hard plastic outer shell cleans without any fuss but also because it's waterproof. If you're paranoid, you can just hold your finger over the charging port, but I haven't even really found that necessary. It is rechargable, obviously, and comes with a USB cord that's easily plugged into the phone charger that I keep on my nightstand. It's pretty quiet in my opinion and I wouldn't find it necessary to wait for an empty house to reach for this toy because I don't think anyone would be able to hear it outside of whatever room it was getting played with in - great if you have kids running around, I'd guess.

The NEA 2 has two button controls that are really well placed and easy to figure out - turning the toy on, increasing the intensity, and switching to pattern mode to find the right rhythm is done with the right button while decreasing the intensity and turning the toy off is done with the left button. Super user friendly. Personally, I prefer the constant, unwavering vibration that it starts out with, so I haven't really played with the different pulsation patterns, but it does have a good selection that I think would satisfying a lot of different tastes.

I think my favorite thing about this toy is that it really is quite versatile. What do I mean when I say versatile? Let me explain. This is a fantastic toy for using alone. It's easy to hold it place, the shape of it nestles really perfectly in exactly where I want it to be, and I have complete control over the intensity without having to fumble around or find the controls. I also love that it's really small, so if I want to take it on the go I can just slip it into its pouch and toss it in my bag for easy travel. It actually kind of blew me away with just how well it suits my needs and tastes.

However, with that being said, my personal favorite way to use this is definitely with a partner - and my partner happens to very much agree with me on that. There's something about the shape of this that's really kind of perfect for use while in the missionary position and the slight shift it causes in his hips as a result of almost reaching for that vibration is really, really pleasurable for both of us on top of what the toy is actually doing. It's also just really versatile for how we can use it on each other both during foreplay and penetration. Trust me when I tell you, this is getting four very enthusiastic thumbs up from the direction of my relationship.

I have to say, the LELO NEA 2 Personal Massager* has really gone above and beyond my expectations. When I initially opened the box, I really didn't think this was going to turn out to be one of my favorite toys that I've ever tried, but it really has become a consistently used toy that has turned out to be mutually enjoyable for both me and my partner. I'd highly recommend trying this out whether you're going to be using it alone or with a partner, because it's really, really effective at doing exactly what it's intended to do.

The LELO NEA 2 Personal Massager* is available online at LELO's website and retails for $129CAD - with Free Shipping on orders over $75CAD. I would also recommend using eBates when purchasing from LELO because they tend to have really, really good cash back.

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