REVIEW: ACURE Organics Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes

by - May 10, 2018

I've been a big fan of ACURE Organics ever since I completely and totally fell in love with The Magical Wonderfluff, which has since been discontinued and BROKEN MY HEART. Still, because I fell so madly in love with that product, I'm always excited to try out new products from the brand. Fairly recently they had a complete rebrand, with sleek updates to all of their packaging (and I assume the murder of my favorite product - RIP Wonderfluff BFF.... I swear, I'll never be okay about this) and there has been a ton of new releases since then. Recently, I've been trying out the ACURE Organics Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes* and even though they're no Wonderfluff, I've definitely been enjoying them.

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Are you familiar with ACURE Organics? Here's a quick little run down on the brand. ACURE is a family owned brand of natural personal care products that promises to be vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, mineral oil free, DEA free, formaldehyde free, petrolatum free, and parrafin free. Their range includes products for skin, hair and nails with a focus on plant based ingredients with cutting edge formulas. For me personally, I don't use only natural or organic products, but I do enjoy them when they're well formulated and effective, so I appreciate that when they describe themselves they do lean towards a science based approach to formulations.

When it comes to wipes, the texture of the actual towelette itself is really, really important to me and I'm definitely not going to reach for one that feels scratchy or abrasive on my skin. The ACURE Organics Simply Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes* are quick thick, almost cushiony, and has a smooth feel that I find really comfortable against my skin. They also have a light rose scent, not too overwhelming but definitely present and definitley more than rosewater than like a rose fragrance. I would say that they're just the right level of wet for me, which feels like a weird thing to say but is actually really important with wipes. They're not overly soaked and dripping, but they're also not dry and I feel like I will be able to get through the package before they get dry.

Personally, when I use wipes, what I'm looking for is something that will take off at least a lot of my makeup and give my skin a little freshen up, not really as a part of my daily cleansing routine. But i also like to keep them next to my bed for those nights when I just can't... I think we all have those nights, right? Anyway, when I use these wipes I feel like they do a good job of taking off my face makeup, but I do have to scrub to get off the bulk of my eye makeup and I do tend to find that I have some mascara and such left behind. Still, I think they do a good job of getting in there and pulling off a lot of the makeup and leaving my skin feeling refreshed without any irritation.

Overall, I think these are really nice wipes. They do a good job with my makeup, leaving some traces but enough that I feel okay about it, and they have a comfortable texture and a really pretty, but not overwhelming scent to them. I would absolutely recommend tossing these in your bag - gym bag, carry on bag, beach bag, etc. - to use to freshen up your skin throughout the day, especially hot summer days! These are no Wonderfluff and I don't know that I'll be singing their praises in the street, but they're a solid, effective product and I enjoy using them!

The ACURE Organics Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes* are available at and retail for $8.99CAD.

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