REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula

by - June 20, 2018

I've always really enjoyed Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products, so when I had the opportunity to try out some body and skin care products from Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula*, I was really excited to get my hands on them. Coconut is one of my favorite scents for body care during the summer months because it will forever make me think of being at the lake - particularly of a leave in conditioner that I used to use obsessively back in my early 20s after the beach - but it has to be done right. Anyone who loves coconut scents has to know what I mean, right?

For more on these products and a chance to win a set to try them out for yourself, keep reading!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoï Oil, infused with Tiaré flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deliver luxuriously rich moisturisation for decadantly pampered skin.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion*
This lotion contains high levels of naturally occurring fatty acids and proteins essential to keeping skin radiant and healthy looking. Rich without being too heavy or thick, this applies really smoothly to the skin and sinks in quickly to leave skin feeling soft without any stickiness or residue, making it a perfect daytime body lotion. When I apply this, I have no issue getting dressed 2-3 minutes later. It also packs a really strong punch of hydration that really lasts and keeps my skin feeling moisturized for the promises 24 hours. And really, while this is a really solid body lotion, the best part for me is the scent. Like I said, coconut scents have to be done right Palmer's absolutely nailed it with this one. It has that rich coconut scent with the added Tahitian Monoi Oil to give a really bang on beachy coconut scent that I'm just completely enamoured of. 

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil*
Body oil has become a complete summer necessity for me - particularly this year for some reason - so this was really welcomed to my collection. This promises to deeply hydration and improve skin's radiance for 24 hours - and I love it. For me, a body oil really has to sink into the skin because I absolutely do not have time for a slimy mess all over my skin and this really does sink in fairly quickly while leaving my skin looking really hydrated and radiant. I love that it has a pump top rather than a mister because I can be targeted in my application and can even add this to the body lotion to give it a little extra boost of hydration. When it comes time to wear a little less clothes and get your skin out there, I think a body oil like this one is a great option to really give that healthy, glowing look to the skin that always looks so covetable on red carpets and lingerie models. (I'm shaking my head at myself for that one!) Added bonus, this has that same incredible scent that I love so much. 

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Luminous Hydration Facial Oil*
I know a lot of people just put straight up coconut oil on their faces, but that has never been my jam because I not only find it too heavy but it also really clogs my pores. Because this is actually a blend of 9 different oils, I find it applies a lot lighter and sinks into the skin and I haven't been struggling with clogged pores since I've been using it. (I would say, though, that if you are going to use a coconut oil product on your face, do be aware that coconut oil is comedogenic and can clog pores - the more you know!) I really, really like this facial oil - though I do think that I'll personally like it more in the colder months when I need a real extra punch of hydration because for me this is a little bit heavier than I prefer in my summer skin care routine. That said, this is a lovely oil, it sinks into the skin well, smells amazing, and leaves my skin looking and feeling really hydrated in the morning - because, yes, I do use this only at night. It's also a great oil to add in to a moisturizer. All you have to do is add a drop, mix it together, and apply to the face and you're going to get that added hydration without any heaviness. 

For such affordable products, these have really impressed me. If you're into a gorgeous coconut scent and looking for solid hydrating products, I definitely think Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula is worth taking a look at!

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