REVIEW: RIMMEL Magnif'eyes Spice Edition Palette

by - June 05, 2018

Recently, I got to blind test out some eyeshadow palettes and there was a very clear winner from where I was standing so I really wanted to share it with you guys once I was able to unwrap it and confirm what it really was - the Rimmel Magnif'eyes Spice Edition Palette*. The Magnif'eyes palettes have been out for a while, but I hadn't ever tried them out for reasons that I'll get into a little bit later in my review, but as soon as I saw the color selection in this palette I was completely in for trying it out.

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I believe there are five versions of the Rimmel Magnif'eyes palettes at this point. There's the Nude, Blush, Smoke, and Color Editions along with this Spice Edition. Each palette contains 12 shadows curated to its theme. I've definitely heard this palettes talked about as dupes for the massively popular Urban Decay Naked palettes and looking at photos of the Naked Heat, I'd definitley say that this one is a very similar colour selection. I think that the similarities to the Naked palettes is actually why I hadn't ever tried any of these - I just don't like the Naked palettes, so dupes don't really appeal to me anymore. That being said, I was VERY tempted by the Naked Heat so I was happy to get to try out this much more affordable option - and not in the UD eyeshadow formula, which has just never been my favorite.

As you can see, the curation of this palette is really beautiful - and very, very similar to the Naked Heat palette. It has a good variety of matte and shimmer shadows with a good variation in depth. In fact, there's really only one thing that I would personally change about the curation of this palette and it's the white shimmer shade on the very left side of the palette. In this sea of really warm, spicy shades the white is so crisp and bright that I personally struggle to get it into an eyeshadow look without it looking just wrong. I wish they had gone for more of a creamy shade - either matte or metallic - that would have paired a little bit better with the rest of this palette.

When I'm trying out new palettes these days, there are a couple of things I'm looking for when it comes to textures. First, I want a creamy matte that isn't too thin or too thick and blends really smoothly over the lid. I feel like the drugstore is getting better and better at putting together these really beautiful matte shades these days and it's much easier to find good crease and blending shades at a more affordable price point than it used to be. The mattes is this palette are really, really beautiful. In fact, I think they may be my favorites in the drugstore at this point. They're creamy and find that balance where they're not thick, but they're also not powdery and do really stick to the skin. They blend and build really easily on me and I've been able to create some really beautiful looks using them as a foundation.

The second thing I look for when it comes to eyeshadow textures is with the shimmery and metallic shades. I've found that those really thick, dense formulas don't work for me. They look absolutely stunning in swatches but don't translate on the eye without having to do a lot of work and they end up creasing. I prefer a shadow that has the soft creaminess, but isn't as thick and picks up well with a brush, and again this formula really hits the mark for me. These shadows are super creamy and pigmented and pick up really well with a flat brush and pack onto the lid really full colour. I personally prefer to wet my brush when applying these, because I do feel like I get the most out of the shadows that way, but these also catch a lot of light and look really smooth when applied dry as well.

I feel like the swatches really underscore my one problem with the curation - that white is just too cool and too stark to go with the rest of this palette. But the next 11 shades in the palettes are all gorgeous and consistent in formula and work really well together. My only real issue with this palette is that I don't think it's as versatile as it could be - which I've actually found to be true for a lot of these really warm shadow palettes that stay very much in the same tone. Generally, you're going to end up with really similar feeling looks from this type of palette. That being said, it's a gorgeous, very much on trend look and it's one that I personally gravitate towards often.

Overall, I really, really love this palette and I think it might be one of my favorite recent drugstore finds - and it really makes me glad that I didn't go out and buy the Urban Decay Naked Heat as I was tempted to do, because this gets it done and these formulas are really bang on for my taste. 

If you're in the market for a warm drugstore palette and your taste in eyeshadow formulas is similar to mine, I would 100% recommend you run out and pick this up because it's a gorgeous, afforable option that I think you'll probably love as much as I do! I believe this palette is widely available now wherever Rimmel is sold!

Thanks for reading!

*Palette was received for free.

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