MANI MONDAY: Glittery Maple Leaf Canada Day Nails

by - July 02, 2018

Hey guys! As usual, as the summer gets into full swing with its first long weekend, this one has been incredibly busy with hardly any time to sit down and take a breath, much less do my nails. Still, I had to get a quick, easy mani in to celebrate Canada day with some classic red and white with maple leaf stamping - and some glitter for good measure (and quick, easy impact!) Once again, I've teamed up with Jayne and Renee for our Canada Day themed nails, so be sure to head over to their blogs to check out what they've got to celebrate Canada's birthday!

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Like I said, for the sake of time this week I had to keep it simple. For me, this means some quick, basic stamping paired with a glittery base followed by a holographic glitter top coat - because why not?

For this mani, I started with two thin coats of Finger Paints Romanticism Ruby, which is a gorgeous red glitter in a red jelly base. It dries a little bit matte, but as soon as you top coat it, it has some great shine. I decided I wanted a little bit more impact, so I added one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, which is a really lovely holographic glitter topper that can essentially make any mani better. Period.

Next I added the white maple leaf stamping using the Bundle Monster BM-XL13 stamping plate, which has a really pretty maple leaf design perfect for both Canada Day and basically any time in the fall. I used Billie Nail Enamel in French White for the stamping - the best non-stamping polish for stamping that I've found so far. I decided to keep my middle finger to one offset maple leaf and then added the full stamp to the rest of my fingers for a bit of an accent and I really like how it turned out. I finished with a nice thick coat of Seche Vive for added shine and voila!

Like I said, the reason I chose this nail art was really lack of time, but I think it definitely packs a lot of punch with the strong glitter and the bright, crisp white of the maple leaves. I know a lot of people just don't like stamping, but I personally find it to be the most surefire way to get a really interesting mani without a lot of time or fuss - exactly what I needed this weekend!

I hope you guys liked my Canada Day nail art - and had a great Canada Day yourselves. To my American readers, I hope you have a great Fourth in a couple of days - celebrate the good things! Check back next week when I promise to give you guys something a little more intricate on my nails!

Don't forget to check out more Canada Day nail art from Jayne at Cosmetic Proof and Renee at See The World In PINK!

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