FIRST IMPRESSION: Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Care

by - August 28, 2018

My hair is a constant struggle, it really is. Sometimes it's great and other times... Not great. Really not great. I think that's why I'm always interested to try out new products for my hair, I'm always on the lookout for the product or products that are going to be game changers. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner* and I was definitely excited to give it a go. This is a First Impression rather than a normal full review because I only received sample sizes, but I still really wanted to tell you guys about them.

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I know someone who drinks shots of Apple Cider Vinegar for health benefits... and let me tell you, I am never going to be one of those people. There are also a lot of people who mix it into their shampoo or mix up a post wash rinse by mixing it with water to reap the benefits it can bring when used that way, but I've always avoided trying that out because... let's just be honest, it smells absolutely terrible. 

However, not only does science back up the claims of using ACV in your hair but I've actually benefitted from a couple of these products in the past. In my experience, I've found products containing ACV to be really clarifying, but in researching for this post I found a few more interesting tidbits. Because it contains good amounts of acetic acid, it can help to balance pH of hair that leans more alkaline, which can help deal with issues like dullness, brittleness and frizz. It's also anti-microbial, which can help with dandruff. I was personally really interested in these tidbits, because though I knew that many people sang the praises of ACV for hair, I hadn't entirely looked into why.

Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way, shall we? THIS SMELLS DELIGHTFUL. Obviously, like I said, the drawback for me of using straight up apple cider vinegar in my hair is that there is no level of nice hair that would make me feel okay about smelling like vinegar - NONE - but that isn't an issue here. This smells like sweet, fresh apples and reminds me of the smell of a product that my mom used on me when I was little that I always loved. It doesn't really linger in the hair though, which was a little bit disappointing for me. Still, I'm more than happy with hair that just smells like clean hair.

But how does it work? I applied a normal amount of the shampoo and worked it into my hair. It did lather, though it wasn't super sudsy on my head, and it worked into the hair nicely. After I rinsed it, though, I did find that my hair felt a little bit tangled and I was worried about how the end result was going to be. I moved on to the conditioner and applied quite a bit, though probably less than I would normally apply since I'm a conditioner junkie. It took a little bit of work to really spread it through my hair and once it was applied I let it sit on my hair for a minute or two before rinsing. Once my hair was rinsed, it felt really manageable and I didn't struggle with any more tangling than usual.

What really impressed me was how my hair felt once it was dry. I'm not a blow dry kind of girl and I generally wash my hair at night, so I let it dry before bed and dealt with straightening and styling it in the morning. It really did feel fantastic. It was soft without feeling even a little bit weighed down and had a really smooth feel even where my hair is damaged. I didn't struggle with brushing it out and once it was flat ironed (using heat protectant, of course) it looked really smooth and shiny.

Overall, I'm really, really impressed with this pair so far - more than I ever thought I would be. I absolutely love the light, clean, soft feeling that it gives my hair and I, obviously, love that I'm getting the benefits of apple cider vinedar in my hair care routine in a product that smells absolutely delicious. This is definitely a pair that I will likely purchase in a full size at some point in the future!

The Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner* are all natural, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free and biodegradable and they are available here in Canada over on!

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