MANI MONDAY: Back To School.... At Hogwarts!

by - August 27, 2018

Hey guys! Happy Monday! For this week's #CBBxManiMonday, the theme was Back To School... and I'll admit that I did wrack my brains trying to think of what kind of academia themed nail art I was going to do before I decided to cheat a little bit. Between rewatching the Harry Potter movies and playing the mobile Harry Potter Hogwarts Mysteries game, I'm firmly in a witchcraft and wizardry mindset. Also, at my age, if I was going to be going back to school, I'd pretty much want it to be Hogwarts. So. NAIL ART!

Keep reading for a closer look!

I picked up a bunch of Harry Potter themed stamping plates on Aliexpress, including dedicated plates for each of the Hogwarts houses that I have every intention of putting together individual mani's using, but I decided to keep it simple for this look. I started with a base of this shimmery brown polish from Tivoli that I picked up at my local Dollar Tree and have been entirely impressed with. 

For the stamping, I decided that I wanted my first and last fingers to have that simple diagonal stripe that is present on all of the house ties and scarves, so I used the Hehe 029 Hufflepuff stamping plate. For the middle two fingers, I used two images from the Hehe 030 Hogwarts stamping plate. On my ring finger, I used the busier image, which features the 9¾ image, a witches hat, a butter beer, Harry's glasses, etc. I love this image, it might be my favorite in all of the Hehe Harry Potter plates. For the middle finger, I decided to keep it simple with the single Golden Snitch image because I think a busy mani can really benefit from one simple, almost delicate looking nail. 

So even though I know I cheated a little on the Back To School theme - which is sort of ironic, maybe? - I'm super happy with this mani and I'm extra excited now to put together more Harry Potter themed mani's using the Hehe stamping plates. I have absolutely every intention of doing house themed nails in the near future, so keep an eye out both here on the blog and on my nail-centric instagram @pblnails for those!

As usual, head over to Cosmetic Proof, See The World In PINK, and Tea & Nail Polish to check out their (probably NOT rule breaking) Back To School nail art looks today!

Thanks for reading!

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